Metamaterial-Inspired Quad-Band Notch Filter for LTE Band Receivers and WPT Applications

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Conference Proceeding
2020 33rd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science, URSI GASS 2020, 2020, 00, pp. 1-4
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A new compact quad-band notch filter (QBNF) based on the extended composite right and left-handed transmission line (E-CRLH TL) has been presented. As known, E-CRLH TL behaves like a quad-band structure. A microstrip TL which is loaded with an open-ended ECRLH TL is presented as a QBNF. Four unwanted frequencies were used in a dual-band LTE receiver as four notch frequencies which must be eliminated (0.9 GHz, 1.3 GHz, 2.55 GHz, and 3.35 GHz). Also, this QBNF can be applied to simultaneous wireless power and data transfer (SWPDT) system to isolate the wireless power circuit from the data communication circuit. A design technique for the proposed QBNF is presented and its performance is validated using full-wave simulation results and theoretical analysis. The main advantage of this design is an overall rejection greater than 20dB at selected unwanted frequencies. Good agreements between the fullwave simulation and equivalent circuit model results have been achieved which verified the effectiveness of the proposed circuit model. The proposed QBNF is designed on an FR-4 substrate and the dimension of the proposed QBNF is 20 * 22 mm.
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