Optical Biochip With Multichannels For Detecting Biotin-streptavidin Based On Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance

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Plasmonics, 2009, 4 (3), pp. 209 - 216
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A rapid and accurate detection of molecular binding of antigen-antibody signaling in high throughput is of great importance for biosensing technology. We proposed a novel optical biochip with multichannels for the purpose of detection of biotinstreptavidin on the basis of localized surface plasmon resonance. The optical biochip was fabricated using photolithography to form the microarrays functioning with multichannels on glass substrate. There are different nanostructures in each microarray. Dry etching and nanosphere lithography techniques were applied to fabricate Ag nanostructures such as hemispheres, nanocylindricals, triangular, and rhombic nanostructures. We demonstrated that 100-nM target molecule (streptavidin) on these optical biochips can be easily detected by a UV-visible spectrometer. It indicated that period and shape of the nanostructures significantly affect the optical performance of the nanostructures with different shapes and geometrical parameters. Our experimental results demonstrated that the optical biochips with the multichannels can detect the target molecule using the microarrays structured with different shapes and periods simultaneously. Batch processing of immunoassay for different biomolecular through the different channels embedded on the same chip can be realized accordingly.
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