SEAM2011 Spacing Movements Inside Out

Critical Path
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SEAM2011-Spacing Movements Outside, curated by Benedict Anderson and Margie Medlin, was a three week event that explored contemporary discourses in performance and design. It involved 45 participants in workshops delivered by international practitioners in the field, and also included public events, artist talks and an International 3 day Symposium of performative presentations and papers on a series of themes affecting and effecting choreography, dance, performance, visual art. The aim was to explore the way interdisciplinary practices can produce new understandings of stage spaces as potential places for new concepts in performance and audience engagement. The specific focus on performative presentation aimed to bring the experience and presence of the body to the core of making and thinking. The event was built around four themes - each open to multiple responses, and nevertheless conjectural analogies of the city, of materiality, of design and of the body: The activated body - new performative spaces; The city performed - trajectories, traces, topographies; The temporal, transitional and transformational - momentum, light, pulse; and Materials performed through the body, the body performed through materials: The Symposium was financed and supported by Critical Path, Interarts Program, Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW, University of Technology Sydney and Performance Space.
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