Wearable audio-video recorders as a tool for investigating child play experiences in nature

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Conference Proceeding
OzCHI 2015: Being Human - Conference Proceedings, 2015, pp. 618 - 622
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Designing digital technologies that support children in middle childhood (8-12 years) play in nature can instil environmental values that motivate pro-environmental behaviour. However, gathering real-time and situated insights into children's independent play experiences in nature is often challenging as children of this age group are often secretive about their play activities and 'special play places'. Wearable video recorders present an opportunity for overcoming many barriers to understanding children's play experiences. Here we present a study where we provided twelve children (8-11 years) with a wearable video recorder while they played in their special place in nature. We then analysed the data to determine how these devices uniquely contribute to our understanding of the children's play experience. Our analysis found that wearable audio-video recorders provide a unique and rich perspective on children's play from the point of view of the child. The data captured was situated, naturalistic, spatial-temporal, social and visceral.
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