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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005The FM Industry and Adding Value for ClientsDe Valence, G; Tulla, K
Jan-1980FMFPAK1: A program package for routine analysis of single parameter flow microfluorimetric data on a low cost mini-computerMilthorpe, BK
Jan-2004FMODSS: A decision support system for solving multiple objective linear programming problem with fuzzy parameterWu, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Meredith, R; Shanks, G; Arnott, D; Calsson, S
Jan-2003FNS Is Not Isomorphic To FTSLi, S; Luo, M
Jan-2011Focal Biologically Inspired Feature for Glaucoma Type ClassificationCheng, J; Tao, D; Liu, J; Wong, DW; Lee, BH; Baskaran, M; Wong, TY; Aung, T; Fichtinger, G; Martel, A; Peters, T
Jan-2010Focus Group Methodology: Being Guided on a Journey from Novice to ExpertDavidson, PM; Phillips, JL; Minichiello, V; Kottler, JA
Jan-2009A Focus Group Study of Student Attitudes to LecturesHitchens, M; Lister, RF; Hamilton, M; Clear, T
Jan-2010Focus Groups in Health ResearchDavidson, PM; Halcomb, E; Gholizadeh, L; Pranee Limputtong
Jan-2013Focus Groups in Health ResearchDavidson, PM; Halcomb, E; Gholizadeh, L; Pranee Liamputtong
Jan-2003Focus on pedagogy: the use of digital video and iMovie in K-12 schoolsKearney, MD; Schuck, SR; Smythe, N
-Focus Productions Kramer-
Jan-2004A Focus+Context Visualization Technique Using Semi-TransparencyNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Wei, D; Wang, H; Peng, Z; Kara, A; He, Y
Jan-2011Focused Crawling for Automatic Service Discovery, Annotation, and Classification in Industrial Digital EcosystemsDong, H; Hussain, FK
Jan-2011Focused electron beam-induced deposition at cryogenic temperaturesBresin, M; Thiel, BL; Toth, M; Dunn, K
-focusProductions 4 Dreamworld-
-focusProductions 6 Revlon-
Jan-2011Folded Bands In Metamaterial Photonic CrystalsChen, P; Poulton, CG; Asatryan, AA; Steel, MJ; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC
-foldersx120Gwilt, ID; Brighton, SGUO
Jan-2013Folic acid-functionalized magnetic ZnFe2O4 hollow microsphere core/mesoporous silica shell composite particles: Synthesis and application in drug releaseYang, D; Wei, K; Liu, Q; Yang, Y; Guo, X; Rong, H; Cheng, M; Wang, G
Jan-2011Follow the leader: Fund managers trading in signal-strength sequenceFong, K; Gallagher, DR; Gardner, P; Swan, PL