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1-Jan-2013Peripheral Interaction: Embedding HCI in Everyday LifeHausen, D; Bakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Butz, A; Eggen, B; Kotze, P; Marsden, G; Lindgaard, G; Wesson, J; Winckler, M
Jan-2013Volunteer Tourism: An Existential PerspectiveWearing, SL; McGehee, N; Wearing, SL; McGehee, N
1-Nov-2012The importance of entertainment for sexuality educationMcKee, A
Jan-2011Prediction of protein interaction hot spots using rough set-based multiple criteria linear programmingChen, R; Zhang, Z; Wu, D; Zhang, P; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Shi, Y
Jan-2013User-Centric Organization of Search ResultsGao, BJ; Buttler, D; Anastasiu, DC; Wang, S; Zhang, P; Jan, J
Jan-2009CanNET a new service model: linking regional and metropolitan cancer services into single networksPhillips, JL; Ramadge, J; Evans, R; Currow, D; Gordon Gregory
Jan-2009A New Kernel-Based Classification AlgorithmZhou, X; Jiang, W; Tian, Y; Zhang, P; Nie, G; Shi, Y; NA
Jan-2010End of Life Care: The Importance of Culture and EthnicityClark, K; Phillips, JL
7-Jul-2012Hydrogen bonding and reactivity of water to azines in their S<inf>1</inf>(n,π*) electronic excited states in the gas phase and in solutionReimers, JR; Cai, ZL
24-Jan-2008Control of the orbital derealization and implications for molecular rectification in the radical anions of porphyrins with coplanar 90° and 180° β,β′-fused extensionsWenbo, E; Kadish, KM; Sintic, PJ; Khoury, T; Govenlock, LJ; Ou, Z; Shao, J; Ohkubo, K; Reimers, JR; Fukuzumi, S; Crossley, MJ
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