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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Extension of similarity measures in VSM: From orthogonal coordinate system to affine coordinate systemJunyu Xuan; Jie Lu; Guangquan Zhang; Xiangfeng Luo
Jan-2003An Extension of the Behavioural Theory of Group Performance in Software Development Technical ReviewsLand, L; Wong, B; Jeffery, R; Williams, M
1-Nov-2013An extension of the benefit segmentation base for the consumption of organic foods: A time perspectiveGad Mohsen, M; Dacko, S
Jan-2010An extension of the model of network marketing business entrepreneurial performanceDai, F; Teo, ST; Wang, KY; Gurd, B
Jan-2011Extension of the stober method to the preparation of monodisperse resorcinol-formaldehyde resin polymer and carbon spheresLiu, J; Qiao, S; Liu, H; Chen, J; Orpe, A; Zhao, D; Lu, GQ
Jan-2008The Extension Of Universal Generating Function Method To Search For All One-To-Many D-Minimal Paths Of Acyclic Multi-State-Arc Flow-Conservation NetworksYeh, W
Jan-2012Extension Properties of Boolean Contact AlgebrasDuntsch, I; Li, S; Kahl, W; Griffin, TG
Jan-2003Extensionality Of The RCC8 Composition TableLi, S; Ying, M
12-Mar-2007Extensions to the IEEE 802.11 TSF for Efficient and Reliable Network Synchronization in Large Scale MANETsKummert, A; Rauschert, P; Honarbacht, A
Jan-2011Extensive production of Neospora caninum tissue cysts in a carnivorous marsupial succumbing to experimental neosporosisKing, JS; McAllan, B; Spielman, D; Lindsay, S; Hurkova-Hofmannova, L; Hartigan, A; Al-Qassab, SE; Ellis, JT; Slapeta, J
2010The extent to which unconscionability at general law, the special equity in Garcia and Part IVA of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (CTA) are available to a debtor or guarantor when a finance provider seeks to enforce a securityO'Shea, GN
Jan-2001The Externaility of the Inside: Body images of pregnancySchmied, V; Lupton, DA
21-Nov-2017External Factors for the Melbourne Sewerage Strategy 2018Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Prentice, EJ; Chong, J
Aug-2015External integrity verification for outsourced big data in cloud and IoT: A big pictureLiu, C; Yang, C; Zhang, X; Chen, J
Jan-2007External knowledge acquisition, creativity and learning in organizational problem solvingSoo, C; Devinney, TM; Midgley, D
Jan-2011External qigong as an adjunct therapy for chronic pain - a critical analysisDunlop, RA; Vincent, A
25-Sep-2014External Validation of the Garvan Nomograms for Predicting Absolute Fracture Risk: The Tromsø StudyAhmed, LA; Nguyen, ND; Bjørnerem, Å; Joakimsen, RM; Jørgensen, L; Størmer, J; Bliuc, D; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV; Emaus, N; Hsu, Y-H
28-Aug-2015Extra-Territoriality and Surrogacy: The Problem of State and Territory Moral SovereigntyStuhmcke, AG; Gerber, P; O'Byrne, K
Dec-2015Extracellular ATP inhibits twitching motility-mediated biofilm expansion by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Nolan, LM; Cavaliere, R; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB
1-Mar-2015Extracellular ATP inhibits twitching motility-mediated biofilm expansion by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Nolan, LM; Cavaliere, R; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB