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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An investigation into the effects of pesticide application on the distribution and larval development of frogs in the rice bays of the Coleambally Irrigation Area, NSW AustraliaSpolyarich, N
2002An investigation into the erodibility of earth wall unitsHeathcote, Kevan Aubrey
Jan-2010An investigation into the notion of non-functional requirementsMairiza, D; Zowghi, D; Nurmuliani, N; Bella, G; Compagna, L; Sorniotti, A
2011An investigation into the recovery of ignitable liquid residues from entomological samples using solid-phase microextractionMingari, L
2016An investigation into the roll control of vehicles with hydraulically interconnected suspensionsZhu, Sangzhi
Jan-2012An Investigation Into The Understanding And Skills Of First-Year Electrical Engineering StudentsSmaill, C; Rowe, G; Godfrey, E; Paton, RO
2009An investigation into trust and its effect on teamsBhatti, MA
2016Investigation into two-sided windcatchers used for room ventilationNiktash, Amirreza
Jan-2008Investigation into Untripped Rollover of Light Vehicles in the Modified Fishhook and the Sine Maneuvers, Part I: Vehicle Modelling, Roll and Yaw InstabilityZhang, N; Dong, G; Du, H
Jan-2011Investigation Into Untripped Rollover Of Light Vehicles In The Modified Fishhook And The Sine Manoeuvres, Part II: Effects Of Vehicle Inertia Property, Suspension And Tyre CharacteristicsDong, G; Zhang, N; Du, H
2014Investigation of a proposed long span timber floor for non-residential applicationsZabihi, Z
2016The investigation of a segment multi-chamber oscillating water column in physical scale modelShalby, MM; Walker, P; Dorrell, D
7-May-2015Investigation of a tubular dual-stator flux-switching permanent-magnet linear generator for free-piston energy converterSui, Y; Zheng, P; Tong, C; Yu, B; Zhu, S; Zhu, J
Jan-2012Investigation of age and gender related changes in force of isometric contraction, muscle endurance and muscle strength among young and old healthy peopleArjunan, S; Kumar, DK; Bastos, T; Naik, G; NA
Jan-2007Investigation of Alzheimer's disease-related pathology in community dwelling older subjects who committed suicidePeisah, C; Snowdon, J; Gorrie, C; Kril, J; Rodriguez, M
2012An investigation of assessment practices in the MBA degree program in a Chinese universitySou, G
2009Investigation of auto-ignition combustion in a small two-stroke engineWinjesinghe, JS
Jan-2013Investigation of autoclaved cement systems with reactive MgO and Al2O3-SiO2 rich fired clay brickLiu, B; Ray, AS; Thomas, P
Jan-2010An investigation of barefoot morphology, friction ridges and their significance in forensic identificationComstock, J; Beeton, M; Forbes, SL
2008Investigation of Chinese herbal medicine in treatment of metabolic syndromeShim, JHB