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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008An overview of the competency movement in nursing and midwiferyChiarella, M; Thoms, D; Lau, C; McInnes, E
Jan-2008An overview of the development of on-site assessment for timber structures in AustraliaCrews, KI; Binda, L; di Prisco, M; Felicetti, R
Jan-2003An Overview of the Development of Stress Laminated Cellular Timber Bridge Decks for Short to Medium Span Applications in AustraliaCrews, KI; Azizinamini, A; Yake, A; Abdelrahman, M
Jan-2013Overview of the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere experiment in Amazonia Data Model Intercomparison Project (LBA-DMIP)de Gonç, LG; Borak, JS; Costa, MH; Saleska, SR; Baker, I; Restrepo Coupe, N; Muza, MN; Poulter, B; Verbeeck, H; Fisher, JB; Arain, MA; Arkin, P; Cestaro, BP; Christoffersen, B; Galbraith, D; Guan, X; van den Hurk, BJ; Ichii, K; Imbuzeiro, HM; Jain, AK; Levine, N; Lu, C; Miguez-Macho, G; Roberti, DR; Sahoo, A; Sakaguchi, K; Schaefer, K; Shi, M; Shuttleworth, WJ; Tian, W; Yang, Z; Zeng, X
Jan-2001An Overview of the Practitioners, Process and Products ProjectRainer, A; Hall, T; Baddoo, N; Wilson, DN; Roberts, M; Moulton, M; Hand, S; Adams, C
Jan-2002Overview of the radiometric and biophysical performance of the MODIS vegetation indicesHuete, A; Didan, K; Miura, T; Rodriguez, EP; Gao, X; Ferreira, LG
Jan-2013Overview of training and skills development in SMEsMartinez-Fernandez, C; Sharpe, SA; OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, S; Development, L
Jan-2008Overview of WiMAX Standards and ApplicationsWu, L; Sandrasegaran, K; syed, A; A
Jan-2006Overview Report On The Evaluation Of The Incident Information Management SystemBraithwaite, J; Travaglia, J; Westbrook, M; Jorm, C; Hunter, C; Carroll, KE; Iedema, RA; Ekambareshwar, M
Jan-2005Overweight And Obese Children: Mothers' StrategiesJackson, DE; Mannix, J; Faga, P; Mcdonald, G
2-Sep-2015Overweight and Obesity in Television NewsBonfiglioli, C; Piazza, R; Haarman, L; Caborn, A
Jan-2005OWL, Proteins and Data IntegrationSidhu, AS; Dillon, TS; Chang, E; Sidhu, B; Zhang, S; Jarvis, R
Jan-2011Ownership concentration and dividend policy in JapanHarada, K; Nguyen, PD
Jan-2013Ownership structure and divestiture decisions: Evidence from Australian firmsNguyen, PD; Rahman, N; Zhao, L
Jan-2010Ownership structure, regulation and the management of labour in the residential aged care sectorKaine, SJ; Barnes, A; Balnave, N; Lafferty, G
Jan-2011Owning solutions: a collaborative model to improve quality in hospital care for Aboriginal AustraliansDurey, A; Wynaden, D; Thompson, SC; Davidson, PM; Bessarab, D; Katzenellenbogen, J
Jan-2012Owning Solutions: A Collaborative Model To Improve Quality In Hospital Care For Aboriginal AustraliansDurey, A; Wynaden, D; Thompson, S; Davidson, PM; Bessarab, D; Katzenellenbogen, J
Jan-2011Owning the EarthGraham, NG; Burdon Peter
Jan-2006Oxalipatin induces drug resistance more rapidly than cisplatin in H69 small cell lung cancer cellsStordal, B; Davey, MW; Davey, RA
Jan-2006Oxaliplatin induces drug resistance more rapidly than cisplatin in H69 small cell lung cancer cellsStordal, B; Davey, MW; Davey, RA