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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Participatory Scenario Generation: Communicating Usability Issues in Product Design through User Involvement in Scenario Generationvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; van der Voort, MC
Jan-2005Particle and microorganism removal in floating plastic media coupled with microfiltration membrane for surface water treatmentChiemchaisri, C; Chiemchaisri, W; Kornboonraksa, T; Dumrongsukit, C; Threedeach, S; Ngo, H; Vigneswaran, S
Jan-2000Particle concentrations in urban microenvironmentsLevy, JI; Houseman, EA; Ryan, LM; Richardson, D; Spengler, JD
Jan-2011Particle Swarm Optimisation for Fixed-Charge Transportation Problem in a Multistage Supply Chain NetworkManimaran, P; Selladurai, V; Yeh, W; Sivakumar, M
Jan-2010A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach Based On Monte Carlo Simulation For Solving The Complex Network Reliability ProblemYeh, W; Lin, Y; Chung, YY; Chih, M
Jan-2008A Particle Swarm Optimization based Algorithm for Fuzzy Bilevel Decision MakingGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Hou, ZG; Zhang, N
Jan-2009A Particle Swarm Optimization Based Algorithm for Fuzzy Bilevel Decision Making with Constraints-shared FollowersGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Shin, SY
Jan-2008A Particle Swarm Optimization based Algorithm for Fuzzy Bilevel Decision Making with Objective-shared FollowersGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; al, XLE
Jan-2012Particle Swarm Optimization Based Feature Selection in Mammogram Mass ClassificationWong, M; He, X; Nguyen, H; Yeh, W; Bob Zhang
Jan-2011Particle swarm optimization for bi-level pricing problems in supply chainsGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Wee, H
Jan-2006Particle Swarm Optimization-based Coordination of a Group of Construction VehiclesKwok, N; Ha, QP; Ngo, V; Hong, S; N/A
Jan-2012A particle swarm optimization-based neural network for detecting nocturnal hypoglycemia using electroencephalograph (EEG) signalsNguyen, L; Nguyen, V; Ling, SS; Nguyen, HT; Abbass, HA
Jan-2012Particles and powders: Tools of innovation for non-invasive drug administrationButtini, F; Colombo, P; Rossi, A; Sonvico, F
Jan-2007ParticleTecture: Interactive granular soundspaces for architectural designJakovich, J; Beilharz, KA; Crawford, A
Jan-2009Particokinetics and extrapulmonary translocation of intratracheally instilled ferric oxide nanoparticles in rats and the potential health risk assessmentZhu, M; Feng, W; Wang, Y; Wang, B; Wang, M; Ouyang, H; Zhao, Y; Chai, Z
Jan-2009PartII Planning and dimensioning of WiMAX and LTEAgbinya, JI; Masihpour, M; Agbinya, JI
Jan-2009PartIII WiMAX and LTE Link BudgetAgbinya, JI; Masihpour, M; Agbinya, JI
Jan-2005Partition of endocrine-disrupting chemicals between colloids and dissolved phase as determined by cross-flow ultrafiltrationLiu, R; Wilding, A; Hibberd, A; Zhou, JL
Jan-2005Partitioning and differentiated resource allocation in programmable networksYousef, B; Hoang, DB; Rogers, G; N/A
Oct-2015Partitioning of turbulent flux reveals contrasting cooling potential for woody vegetation and grassland during heat wavesYunusa, IAM; Eamus, D; Taylor, D; Whitley, R; Gwenzi, W; Palmer, AR; Li, Z