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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2012Compact circularly-polarized antenna with spiral slots for CNSS dual-band applicationsPan, ZK; Chu, QX; Lin, W
1-Feb-2017Compact Crossed-Dipole Antennas Loaded with Near-Field Resonant Parasitic ElementsTa, SX; Lee, K; Park, I; Ziolkowski, RW
20-Oct-2011Compact dip-style viscometer based on the acousto-optic effect in a long period fiber gratingOliveira, RA; Canning, J; Cook, K; Nashqbandi, M; Pohl, AAP
1-Apr-2015A Compact Dual-Band Orthogonal Circularly Polarized Antenna Array with Disparate ElementsYe, S; Geng, J; Liang, X; Jay Guo, Y; Jin, R
1-Jan-2014Compact EZ antenna arrays for field management in HPM applicationsRamon, ES; Tyo, JS; Ziolkowski, RW; Skipper, MC; Abdalla, MD; Martin, J; Altgilbers, LL
1-Dec-2011A compact high-Tc superconducting quarter-wavelength SIR bandpass filterZhang, T; Cai, Y; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, XW
17-Sep-2013A compact HTS bandpass microstrip filter with novel coupling structure for on-chip integrationZhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ; Sun, X
Jun-2014Compact hyper-band printed slot antenna with stable radiation propertiesTang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW; Xiao, S
1-Jan-2014Compact hyper-band printed slot antenna: Design and experimentsTang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jun-2012Compact microstrip lowpass filter for harmonics suppression using a new defected ground structureYang, Y; Zhu, X; Karmakar, NC
17-Jan-2017A compact multi-beam antenna without beam forming networkGuan, D; Ding, C; Guo, YJ
1-Jan-2014A compact multi-frequency, high power radiating system combining dual-band, electrically small magnetic ez antennas and multi-frequency standing wave oscillator sourcesRamon, ES; Tyo, JS; Ziolkowski, RW; Skipper, MC; Abdalla, MD; Martin, JM; Altgilbers, LL
20-Nov-2014A compact phase shift unit for analogue beamformingDing, C; Guo, YJ; Qin, P-Y; Ji, L; Yang, Y
May-2015A Compact Phase Shifter Employing Reconfigurable Defected Microstrip Structure (RDMS) for Phased Array AntennasDing, C; Guo, YJ; Qin, P; Yang, Y
1-Jan-2014A compact phase-shifting unit for phased array antennasDing, C; Guo, YJ; Qin, PY; Yang, Y
1-Nov-2011A compact planar near field resonant parasitic (NFRP) antenna for MIMO applicationsLin, CC; Ziolkowski, RW; Jin, P
1-Mar-2012Compact planar near-field resonant parastic antenna for multiple-input multiple-output applicationsLin, CC; Jin, P; Ziolkowski, RW
18-May-2016Compact planar ultrawideband antennas with continuously tunable, independent band-notched filtersTang, M-C; Wang, H; Deng, T; Ziolkowski, RW
27-Jul-2016Compact printed ultra-wideband antenna: corrugated monopole augmented with parasitic stripsTang, MC; Chen, Z; Ziolkowski, RW
3-Mar-2016A compact self-adaptive recursive least square approach for real-time structural identification with unknown inputsAskari, M; Li, J; Samali, B