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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005A further study of flexural-torsional buckling of elastic archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Trahair, N; Chen, Y
Jan-2007Geometric and material nonlinear analyses of elastically restrained archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, E; Gilbert, RI
Jan-2010In-plane creep behaviour of concrete-filled steel tubular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Qu, W; Ben Young
Jan-2008In-plane Nonlinear buckling analysis of deep circular arches incorporating transverse stressesGengshu, T; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2007In-plane stability of parabolic arches with horizontal spring supports. I: TheoryBradford, MA; Wang, T; Pi, Y; Gilbert, RI
Jan-2007In-plane stability of parabolic arches with horizontal spring supports. II: ExperimentsWang, T; Bradford, MA; Gilbert, RI; Pi, Y
Jan-2010In-plane strength of concrete-filled steel tubular circular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Liu, C; Wang, Y; Chen, B; Wei, J
Jan-2008In-Plane Strength Of Steel ArchesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2010In-plane thermoelastic behaviour and buckling of pin-ended and fixed circular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA
Jan-2003Inelastic Buckling of Rectangular Steel Plates Using a Rayleigh-ritz MethodSmith, ST; Bradford, MA; Oehlers, DJ
Jan-2011Interval Thermoelastic Response of Elastically Restrained Steel BeamsPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Gao, W; NA
23-Dec-2008Lateral dynamic interaction analysis of a train-girder-pier systemXia, H; Guo, WW; Wu, X; Pi, YL; Bradford, MA
1-Jan-2014Locking-free finite element formulation for steel-concrete composite membersErkmen, RE; Bradford, MA
Jan-2011Long-term Non-linear Behaviour And Buckling Of Shallow Concrete-filled Steel Tubular ArchesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Qu, W
Jan-2009Moving load analysis of composite beams curved in-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Topping, BHV
Jan-2012A new shape function for tapered three-dimensional beams with flexible connectionsValipour Goudarzi, H; Bradford, MA
Jan-2008Non-linear in-plane buckling of rotationally restrained shallow arches under a central concentrated loadPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2009Non-linear in-plane postbuckling of arches with rotational end restraints under uniform radial loadingPi, Y; Bradford, MA
1-Dec-2013Non-linear inelastic analysis of steel-concrete composite beams curved in-planLiu, X; Bradford, MA; Erkmen, RE
Jan-2007Nonlinear analysis and buckling of elastically supported circular shallow archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F