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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004RDCT: A novel reconfigurable dynamic cache size tuner to shorten information retrieval time over the internetWu, R; Wong, AK; Dillon, TS
Jan-2005Reconfigurable Web Services Integration in the Extended Logistics EnterpriseTalevski, A; Chang, E; Dillon, TS
14-Nov-2006Reputation relationship and its inner relationships for service oriented environmentsHussain, FK; Chang, E; Dillon, TS
Jan-2005A Requirement Engineering Approach for Designing XML-View Driven XML Document WarehousesNassis, V; Rajagopalapillai, R; Dillon, TS; Rahayu, W; NA
Jan-2013Risk Assessment and Management in the Networked EconomyHussain, O; Dillon, TS; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
1-Dec-2005Risk in trusted decentralized communicationsHussain, OK; Chang, E; Hussain, FK; Dillon, TS; Soh, B
Jan-2005RTPD/MACSC: A Novel Approach for Effective Pervasive Information RetrievalWu, R; Dillon, TS; Wong, AK; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
Jan-2005Secure e-Transactions Using Mobile Agents with Agent BrokerHan, S; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Chen, J
Jan-2005Secure Electronic Commerce with Mobile AgentsHan, S; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Ke, JS; Lin, BS; Liu, AC
Jan-2003Security Framework for Mobile Agent Platforms (SFMAP)Kapnoullas, T; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Damiani, E; Meersman, R; Tari, ZEA
Jan-2005Semantic Modelling of eSolutions Using a View Formalism with Conceptual and Logical ExtensionsRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Feng, L; Dillon, TS; Dillon, TS; Chang, E
Jan-2005Software Engineering Ontologies and Its ImplementationWongthongtham, P; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Sommerville, I; Kokol, P
Jan-2005Software Engineering Sub-ontology for Specific Software DevelopmentWongthongtham, P; Chang, E; Cheah, C; Dillon, TS; Hinchey, M; Caulfield, M
1-Oct-2015A Stepwise-Based Fuzzy Regression Procedure for Developing Customer Preference Models in New Product DevelopmentChan, KY; Lam, HK; Dillon, TS; Ling, SH
Jan-2005Structured Vocabularies for ProteinsSidhu, AS; Dillon, TS; Chang, E; Toh, SL; Goh, J
1-Jan-2004Supporting metasearch with XSLLuk, RWP; Dillon, TS; Ng, VTY
Jan-2005A systematic design approach for XML-view driven web document warehousesNassis, V; Rajagopalapillai, R; Dillon, TS; Rahayu, W
Jan-2004Taxonomy of Trust Relationships in Peer-Peer (P2P) CommunicationHussain, FK; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Fernandez-Medina, DE; Castro, JCH; Villalba, LJG
Jan-2005A three-layered XML View Model: A Practical ApproachRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Delcambre, L; Kop, C; Mayr, HC; Mylopoulos, J; Pastor, O
Jan-2005Towards defining risk in decentralized communicationsHussain, O; Chang, E; Soh, B; Dillon, TS; Jahankhani, H; Framer, M; Mouratidis, H; Preston, D