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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Parimputation: From Imputation and Null-Imputation to Partially ImputationZhang, S
Jan-2005A Partial-Repeatability Approach to Data MiningCai, K; Yin, Y; Zhang, S
Jan-2012Perceptual image hashing with histogram of color vector anglesTang, Z; Dai, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, S
1-Mar-2009POP algorithm: Kernel-based imputation to treat missing values in knowledge discovery from databasesQin, Y; Zhang, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, C
1-Oct-2003Post-mining: Maintenance of association rules by weightingZhang, S; Zhang, C; Yan, X
1-Jan-2002Probabilistic cloning and deleting of quantum statesFeng, Y; Zhang, S; Ying, M
17-Nov-2003A Probabilistic Data Model and Its SemanticsZhang, S; Zhang, C
1-Jan-2002Propagating temporal relations of intervals by matrixZhang, S; Zhang, C
1-Dec-2005A recent-biased dimension reduction technique for time series dataZhao, Y; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
1-May-2017Rechargeable Aluminum/Iodine Battery Redox Chemistry in Ionic Liquid ElectrolyteTian, H; Zhang, S; Meng, Z; He, W; Han, W-Q
1-Apr-2017Rigid Amino Acid as Linker to Enhance the Crystallinity of CH<inf>3</inf>NH<inf>3</inf>PbI<inf>3</inf>ParticlesZhang, C; Zhang, S; Miao, X; Hu, Y; Staaden, L; Jia, G
Jan-2014Robust Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Ring Partition and NMFTang, Z; Zhang, X; Zhang, S
1-Sep-2008Rule-based dependency models for security protocol analysisChen, Q; Zhang, S; Chen, YPP
1-Jan-2017Scalable synthesis of Si/C anode enhanced by FeSi<inf>x</inf>nanoparticles from low-cost ferrosilicon for lithium-ion batteriesHe, W; Tian, H; Zhang, S; Ying, H; Meng, Z; Han, W
1-Dec-2013SCUC with battery energy storage system for peak-load shaving and reserve supportHu, Z; Zhang, S; Zhang, F; Lu, H
Jan-2008Secure Transaction Protocol AnalysisChen, Q; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
1-Jan-2013Selecting top-k composite web services using preference-aware dominance relationshipZhang, S; Dou, W; Chen, J
1-Aug-2007Semi-parametric optimization for missing data imputationQin, Y; Zhang, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, C
1-Jan-2002Set discrimination of quantum statesZhang, S; Ying, M
1-Jan-2017Smart Cylindrical Dome Antenna Based on Active Frequency Selective SurfaceDing, T; Zhang, S; Zhang, L; Liu, Y