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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006Machine learning-based inference analysis for customer preference on e-service featuresLu, Z; Zhang, Z; Bai, C; Zhang, G
1-Jun-2019A Method of Generating Radiation Null for Periodic Leaky-Wave AntennasLi, Z; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Li, Y; Chen, M; Zhang, Z; Guo, YJ
31-Dec-2018Mining statistically-solid k-mers for accurate NGS error correctionZhao, L; Xie, J; Bai, L; Chen, W; Wang, M; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Zhao, Z; Li, J
1-Jan-2015Model updating of brake components' influence on instability predictionsWilliams, JJR; Zhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
1-Dec-2009Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Residues in Sewage EffluentsZhang, Z; Grover, DP; Zhou, JL
1-Dec-2005A monocular vision based localizerZhang, Z; Kodagoda, KRS
19-Jun-2018MPC and PSO based control methodology for path tracking of 4WS4WD vehiclesTan, Q; Dai, P; Zhang, Z; Katupitiya, J
Jan-2010Multi-disciplinary optimization for multi-objective uncertainty design of thin walled beamsLi, F; Li, G; Sun, G; Luo, Z; Zhang, Z
1-May-2000Multi-phase distribution of organic micropollutants in Xiamen Harbour, ChinaZhou, JL; Hong, H; Zhang, Z; Maskaoui, K; Chen, W
1-Mar-2019Multi-pseudo regularized label for generated data in person re-identificationHuang, Y; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Zheng, Z; Zhang, Z; Zhang, J
8-Mar-2010Multiple criteria programming models for VIP E-Mail behavior analysisZhang, P; Zhu, X; Zhang, Z; Shi, Y
1-Nov-2010Multiple sensor-based weed segmentationKodagoda, S; Zhang, Z
17-Mar-2019A non-linear friction work formulation for the analysis of self-excited vibrationsZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
3-Apr-2017A novel phase-aligned analysis on motion patterns of table tennis strokesZhang, Z; Halkon, B; Chou, SM; Qu, X
1-Jun-2018Numerical method for shape optimization of standard floor of the high-rise buildings in hot-summer and cold-winter areas under the low energy consumption target—taking the L-shape as an exampleYing, XY; Li, WZ; Kan, Q; Zhang, Z; Ding, G
1-Jan-2013Observer-based H<inf>∞</inf> control for vehicle handling and stability subject to parameter uncertaintiesZhang, Z; Zhang, N; Huang, C; Liu, X; Ding, F
1-Aug-2012On information dissemination in infrastructure-based mobile ad-hoc networksZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
3-Aug-2010On the effective energy consumption in wireless sensor networksZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
24-Apr-2012On the hop count statistics in wireless multihop networks subject to fadingZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Dec-2011On the information propagation in mobile ad-hoc networks using epidemic routingZhang, Z; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO