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2024-05-10Towards a Design Framework for Conversational Agents for Diabetes PreventionBin Sawad, A; Alakhtar, R; Alturki, B; Narayan, B; Lin, S; Prasad, M; Kocaballi, AB; Bowen, J; Pantidi, N; McKay, D; Ferreira, J; Soro, A; Blagojevic, R; Lawrence, C; Vanderschnantz, N; Keegan, TT; Turner, J; Davis, H; Apperley, M; Young, J
2022-08-19Designing Smart for Sustainable and Resilient Communities: The Role of Participatory Design in Addressing the UN Sustainable Development GoalsFredericks, J; Foth, M; Davis, H; Caldwell, GA; Parker, C; Tomitsch, M
2022-02Functional swallowing outcomes related to radiation exposure to dysphagia and aspiration-related structures in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing definitive and postoperative intensity-modulated radiotherapy.Charters, E; Bogaardt, H; Clark, J; Milross, C; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Ballard, K; Britton, R; McCabe, N; Davis, H; Sullivan, T; Wu, R
2019-08-01Effects of local authority expenditure on childhood obesityLiu, D; Mason, A; Marks, L; Davis, H; Hunter, DJ; Jehu, LM; Smithson, J; Visram, S
2018-09-01Directors of public health as 'a protected species': qualitative study of the changing role of public health professionals in England following the 2013 reforms.Jehu, LM; Visram, S; Marks, L; Hunter, DJ; Davis, H; Mason, A; Liu, D; Smithson, J
2018-09Local authority commissioning of NHS Health Checks: A regression analysis of the first three years.Mason, A; Liu, D; Marks, L; Davis, H; Hunter, D; Jehu, LM; Visram, S; Smithson, J
2018-03-04Navigating a career in tertiary education management in an era of unceasing transformationDavis, H; Graham, C
2014-01-01Homemade cookbooks: A recipe for sharingDavis, H; Nansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Durick, J; Vaisutis, K