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2021-01-26IDE: Image Dehazing and Exposure Using an Enhanced Atmospheric Scattering Model.Ju M; Ding C; Ren W; Yang Y; Zhang D; Guo YJ
2021-01-01An Epsilon-Near-Zero (ENZ) Based, Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Terahertz Single-Polarization Single-Mode Photonic Crystal FiberYang T; Ding C; Ziolkowski RW; Guo YJ
2020-12-19A Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SSPPs) Based Dual-Band-Rejection Filter with Wide Rejection Bandwidth.Farokhipour E; Mehrabi M; Komjani N; Ding C
2020-12-01VROHI: Visibility Recovery for Outdoor Hazy Image in Scattering MediaJu M; Ding C; Guo YJ
2020-11Spatial wave control using a self-biased nonlinear metasurface at microwave frequencies.Kiani M; Momeni A; Tayarani M; Ding C
2020-10-01Scattering Suppression in a 4G and 5G Base Station Antenna Array Using Spiral ChokesSun HH; Zhu H; Ding C; Jones B; Guo YJ
2020-09-04A Controllable Plasmonic Resonance in a SiC-Loaded Single-Polarization Single-Mode Photonic Crystal Fiber Enables Its Application as a Compact LWIR Environmental Sensor.Yang T; Ding C; Ziolkowski RW; Guo YJ
2020-09-01Electrothermal Collaborative Cooling with Delayed Power Rail Switching Auxiliary Charging by Considering Energy Harvesting Mechanism for High-Power LEDsWang N; Shen ZH; Gao C; Chen MM; Ding C; Sui GR; Jia HZ; Gao XM
2020-08-01An Ultra-Wideband Single-Polarization-Single-Mode Terahertz Photonic Crystal FiberYang T; Ding C; Ziolkowski RW; Jay Guo Y
2020-07-01Characteristics of Dual-Gate Graphene Thermoelectric Devices Based on Voltage RegulationWang N; Ma Z; Ding C; Jia H; Sui G; Gao X
2020-03-01Achieving Wider Impedance Bandwidth Using FullWavelength DipolesDing C; Sun H; Zhu H; Guo YJ
2020-02-01Achieving a terahertz photonic crystal fiber with enhanced birefrigenceYang T; Ding C; Ziolkowski RW; Guo YJ
2019-01-01Learning contextual and attentive information for brain tumor segmentationZhou C; Chen S; Ding C; Tao D