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2023“Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste”: How Consulting Firms Are Using COVID-19 as a Pretext to Transform Universities and Business School EducationFleming, P
2022-06-19EXPRESS: Conceptualizing business logistics as an ‘apparatus of security’ and its implications for management and organizational inquiryFleming, P; Godfrey, R; Lilley, S
2022-01-30How Biopower Puts Freedom to Work: Conceptualizing ‘Pivoting Mechanisms’ in the Neoliberal UniversityFleming, P
2021-12-01The Integrative Potential of Process in a Changing World: Introduction to a special issue on power, performativity and processSimpson, B; Harding, N; Fleming, P; Sergi, V; Hussenot, A
2021-08-01The Ghost University: Academe From the RuinsFleming, P
2021-03-01Not Even Trying to Change the World: Why Do Elite Management Journals Ignore the Major Problems Facing Humanity?Harley, B; Fleming, P
2021Dark Academia How Universities DieFleming, P
2020-07-03“You can't pick up a phone and talk to someone”: Algorithmic Management and ResistanceWalker, M; Fleming, P; Berti, M
2020-06-01Hayek Shrugged: Why Bureaucracy Didn't Die Under Neoliberalism But Boomed InsteadFleming, P
2020-01-01Forget political corporate social responsibilityRhodes, C; Fleming, P
2019-10-02On why Uber has not taken over the worldFleming, P; Rhodes, C; Yu, KH
2019-01-15The Worst Is Yet to Come: A Post-Capitalist Survival GuideFleming, P
2019-01-01Robots and Organization Studies: Why Robots Might Not Want to Steal Your JobFleming, P
2019-01-01Dark Academia: Despair in the Neoliberal Business SchoolFleming, P
2019Sugar Daddy Capitalism the Dark Side of the New EconomyFleming, P
2017-08-15The Death of Homo Economicus Work, Debt and the Myth of Endless AccumulationFleming, P
2017-05-01The Human Capital Hoax: Work, Debt and Insecurity in the Era of UberizationFleming, P
2016-11-01On Bandit Organizations and Their (IL)Legitimacy: Concept Development and IllustrationCederström, C; Fleming, P
2016-10-01On the forgetting of corporate irresponsibilityMena, S; Rintamaki, J; Fleming, P; Spicer, A
2016-02-01When performativity fails: Implications for Critical Management StudiesFleming, P; Banerjee, SB