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2023-12-28Lawful limits on freedom of expression for private communications ‘in public life’Grey, A
2023-09-01Linguistic Inclusion in Public Health CommunicationsGrey, A
2023-08-16Forensic Linguistics in Australia: Origins, Progress and Prospects Diana Eades, Helen Fraser and Georgina Heydon (2023) Cambridge University Press 90 pp.Grey, A
2023-07-28Alexandra Grey, “Linguistic Inclusion and Good Governance in Multilingual Australia"Grey, A
2023-03-23Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Inquiry into ‘Migration, Pathway to Nation Building'Piller, I; Bodis, A; Butorac, D; Cho, J; Cramer, R; Farrell, E; Grey, A; Lising, L; Motaghi-Tabari, S; Smith-Khan, L; Tenedero, PP; Torsh, H; Williams Tetteh, V; Wang, Y; Abdullah, T; Bruzon, AS; Quick, B
2023-03-01Communicative Justice and COVID-19: Australia’s Pandemic Response and International GuidanceGrey, A
2023Communicative Justice and COVID-19: Australia’s Pandemic Response and International GuidanceGrey, A
2022-01-01Building towards best practice for governments’ public communications in languages other than English: a case study of New South Wales, AustraliaGrey, A; Severin, AA
2021-12-20Linguistic diversity as a challenge and an opportunity for improved legal policyGrey, A; Smith-Khan, L
2021-12-17The Benefits of Aboriginal Language Use and Renewal – Literature ReviewThorpe, K; Booker, L; Grey, A; Rigney, D; Galassi, M
2021-12-01China’s Minority Language Rights: No Bulwark Against Upcoming ChangeGrey, A; Kehoe, S; Wielander, G
2021-11-30How Standard Zhuang has met with market forcesGrey, A; McLelland, N; Zhao, H
2021-11-30New limits on the right to freedom of expression from Hamzy v Commissioner of Corrective ServicesGrey, A; Strauss, A
2021-11-30A single dose, BCG-adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine provides sterilising immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection.Counoupas, C; Johansen, MD; Stella, AO; Nguyen, DH; Ferguson, AL; Aggarwal, A; Bhattacharyya, ND; Grey, A; Hutchings, O; Patel, K; Siddiquee, R; Stewart, EL; Feng, CG; Hansbro, NG; Palendira, U; Steain, MC; Saunders, BM; Low, JKK; Mackay, JP; Kelleher, AD; Britton, WJ; Turville, SG; Hansbro, PM; Triccas, JA
2021-11-16The plan to strengthen Indigenous languagesGrey, A
2021-09-30Ideologies of English in Asia: an editorialGrey, A; Lising, L; Cho, J
2021-09-30English as Eastern: Zhuang, Mongolian, Mandarin and English in the linguistic orders of globalized ChinaGrey, A; Baioud, G
2021-09-20Ideologies of English in AsiaGrey, A
2021-09-15An audit of NSW legislation and policy on the government’s public communications in languages other than EnglishGrey, A; Severin, AA
2021-06-01Language Rights in a Changing China: A National Overview and Zhuang Case Study, Abridged Mandarin Version (translated by Gegentuul Baioud and Speak Your Language)Grey, A; Baioud, G