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2022-12-31Temporal knowledge graph reasoning via time-distributed representation learningLiu, K; Zhao, F; Xu, G; Wang, X; Jin, H
2021-12-01The influences of cooling regimes on fire resistance of ultra-high performance concrete under static-dynamic coupled loadsLiu, K; Wu, C; Li, X; Liu, J; Tao, M; Fang, J; Xu, S
2021-08-01Effect of low gas concentration in underground return tunnels on characteristics of gas explosionsGao, K; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, K; Liu, Y; Li, S
2021-07-05Projectile impact resistance of fibre-reinforced geopolymer-based ultra-high performance concrete (G-UHPC)Liu, J; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Xu, S; Liu, K; Su, Y; Fang, J; Chen, G
2021-04-15Defining the temporal evolution of gut dysbiosis and inflammatory responses leading to hepatocellular carcinoma in Mdr2 -/- mouse model.Behary, J; Raposo, AE; Amorim, NML; Zheng, H; Gong, L; McGovern, E; Chen, J; Liu, K; Beretov, J; Theocharous, C; Jackson, MT; Seet-Lee, J; McCaughan, GW; El-Omar, EM; Zekry, A
2021-01-01An Extension of BIM Using AI: A Multi Working-Machines Pathfinding SolutionXiang, Y; Liu, K; Su, T; Li, J; Ouyang, S; Mao, SS; Geimer, M
2021-01-01Investigations on the response of ceramic ball aggregated and steel fibre reinforced geopolymer-based ultra-high performance concrete (G-UHPC) to projectile penetrationLiu, J; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Li, J; Xu, S; Liu, K; Su, Y; Chen, G
2020-02-01Optimization of spherical cartridge blasting mode in one-step raise excavation using pre-split blastingLiu, K; Li, Q; Wu, C; Li, X; Li, J
2019-12-01New strategy for designing orangish-red-emitting phosphor via oxygen-vacancy-induced electronic localizationWei, Y; Xing, G; Liu, K; Li, G; Dang, P; Liang, S; Liu, M; Cheng, Z; Jin, D; Lin, J
2018-09-01A study of cut blasting for one-step raise excavation based on numerical simulation and field blast testsLiu, K; Li, Q; Wu, C; Li, X; Li, J
2018-07-01Life-cycle and intergenerational effects of child care reformsChan, MK; Liu, K
2018-07-01Patch alignment manifold mattingLi, X; Liu, K; Dong, Y; Tao, D
2018-04-01A layered beam element for modeling de-bonding of steel bars in concrete and its detection using static measurementsLiu, K; Law, SS; Zhu, XQ
2018-03-01Circularly Polarized Horns Based on Standard Horns and a Metasurface PolarizerLin, C; Ge, Y; Bird, TS; Liu, K
2017-09-01Annotating function to differentially expressed LincRNAs in myelodysplastic syndrome using a network-based methodLiu, K; Beck, D; Thoms, JAI; Liu, L; Zhao, W; Pimanda, JE; Zhou, X
2017-05-26System parameter identification from projection of inverse analysisLiu, K; Law, SS; Zhu, XQ
2016-08-01Too connected to fail: The regulation of systemic risk within Australia's superannuation systemDonald, S; Bateman, H; Buckley, R; Liu, K; Nicholls, R
2013-06-20A hybrid fuzzy-based personalized recommender system for telecom products/servicesZhang, Z; Lin, H; Liu, K; Wu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J