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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Culture unbound Vol. 11 EditorialWirtén, EH; Meese, J; Dahlin, J; Olsson, J
1-Jan-2018Authors, users, and pirates: Copyright law and subjectivityMeese, J
1-Jan-2018The social life of the dead and the leisured life of the living onlineKohn, T; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M; Meese, J; Nansen, B
22-Nov-2017Death and digital mediaArnold, M; Gibbs, M; Kohn, T; Meese, J; Nansen, B
1-Aug-2017The domestic ecology of Australian subscription video on demand servicesMeese, J
1-Jan-2017Publishing and mediatization - An exploratory workshopMeese, J
3-Mar-2016Situating research, situating practice: New voices in cultural researchKennedy, J; Meese, J; Van Der Nagel, E
3-Mar-2016Regulation and social practice onlineKennedy, J; Meese, J; Van Der Nagel, E
1-Jan-2016Circumvention, Media Sport and the Fragmentation of Video CultureMeese, J; Podkalicka, A; Meese, J; Lobato, R
1-Jan-2016Australia: Circumvention Goes MainstreamLobato, R; Meese, J; Meese, J; Lobato, R
1-Jan-2016The regulatory jewel of the South Pacific: Samoa’s decade of telecommunications reformMeese, J; Mow, IC
1-May-2015Practices of media sport: Everyday experience and audience innovationMeese, J; Podkalicka, A
1-Jan-2015Entering the graveyard shift: Disassembling the australian TiVoMeese, J; Wilken, R; Nansen, B; Arnold, M
1-Jan-2015User production and law reform: a socio-legal critique of user creativityMeese, J
1-Jan-2015Posthumous personhood and the affordances of digital mediaMeese, J; Nansen, B; Kohn, T; Arnold, M; Gibbs, M
1-Jan-2015#Funeral and Instagram: death, social media, and platform vernacularGibbs, M; Meese, J; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Carter, M
1-Jan-2015Selfies at funerals: Mourning and presencing on social media platformsMeese, J; Gibbs, M; Carter, M; Arnold, M; Nansen, B; Kohn, T
1-Jul-2014The pirate imaginary and the potential of the authorial pirate.Meese, J; Arvantakis, J; Fredriksson, M
Apr-2014Kittens All the Way Down: Cute in ContextLobato, R; Meese, J
1-Jan-2014Google glass and australian privacy law: Regulating the future of locative mediaMeese, J