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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-01MöbiusE: Knowledge Graph Embedding on Möbius ringChen, Y; Liu, J; Zhang, Z; Wen, S; Xiong, W
2021-06-01A Resource-Constrained and Privacy-Preserving Edge-Computing-Enabled Clinical Decision System: A Federated Reinforcement Learning ApproachXue, Z; Zhou, P; Xu, Z; Wang, X; Xie, Y; Ding, X; Wen, S
2020-12-01Global Stabilization of Memristive Neural Networks with Leakage and Time-Varying Delays Via Quantized Sliding-Mode ControllerCao, Y; Sun, B; Guo, Z; Huang, T; Yan, Z; Wen, S
2020-11-27Special issue: Theoretical analysis of deep learning editorialHuang, T; Li, C; Wen, S; He, X; Wen, G
2020-11-06SAANet: Siamese action-units attention network for improving dynamic facial expression recognitionLiu, D; Ouyang, X; Xu, S; Zhou, P; He, K; Wen, S
2020-10-15Event-based sliding-mode synchronization of delayed memristive neural networks via continuous/periodic sampling algorithmWang, Y; Cao, Y; Guo, Z; Huang, T; Wen, S
2020-10-01Projective Synchroniztion of Neural Networks via Continuous/Periodic Event-Based Sampling AlgorithmsWang, S; Cao, Y; Wen, S; Guo, Z; Huang, T; Chen, Y
2020-09-30Revisiting memristor propertiesChen, L; He, Z; Li, C; Wen, S; Chen, Y
2020-09-01Global exponential anti-synchronization for delayed memristive neural networks via event-triggering methodNi, X; Cao, Y; Guo, Z; Huang, T; Wen, S
2020-09-01Designing pulse-coupled neural networks with spike-synchronization-dependent plasticity rule: image segmentation and memristor circuit applicationXie, X; Wen, S; Yan, Z; Huang, T; Chen, Y
2020-09Video-rate upconversion display from optimized lanthanide ion doped upconversion nanoparticles.Gao, L; Shan, X; Xu, X; Liu, Y; Liu, B; Li, S; Wen, S; Ma, C; Jin, D; Wang, F
2020-08-24Crowd counting via hierarchical scale recalibration networkZou, Z; Liu, Y; Xu, S; Wei, W; Wen, S; Zhou, P
2020-08Generalized norm for existence, uniqueness and stability of Hopfield neural networks with discrete and distributed delays.Wang, H; Wei, G; Wen, S; Huang, T
2020-07-28Dynamic Inference: A New Approach Toward Efficient Video Action RecognitionWu, W; He, D; Tan, X; Chen, S; Yang, Y; Wen, S
2020-07-28Going Beyond Real Data: A Robust Visual Representation for Vehicle Re-identificationZheng, Z; Jiang, M; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Bai, Z; Zhang, X; Yu, X; Tan, X; Yang, Y; Wen, S; Ding, E
2020-07-01Stabilization of memristive neural networks with mixed time-varying delays via continuous/periodic event-based controlCao, Y; Wang, S; Guo, Z; Huang, T; Wen, S
2020-07-01Novel methods to finite-time Mittag-Leffler synchronization problem of fractional-order quaternion-valued neural networksXiao, J; Cao, J; Cheng, J; Zhong, S; Wen, S
2020-07-01Memristor-Based Design of Sparse Compact Convolutional Neural NetworkWen, S; Wei, H; Yan, Z; Guo, Z; Yang, Y; Huang, T; Chen, Y
2020-07Upconversion Nonlinear Structured Illumination Microscopy.Liu, B; Chen, C; Di, X; Liao, J; Wen, S; Su, QP; Shan, X; Xu, Z-Q; Ju, LA; Mi, C; Wang, F; Jin, D
2020-06-15Synchronization of discrete-time recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays via quantized sliding mode controlSun, B; Cao, Y; Guo, Z; Yan, Z; Wen, S