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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Ancestral footprints: assumptions of 'natural' athleticism among Indigenous Australians.Adair, D
2017-01-01Anti-doping for paralympiansAdair, D
2010-01AustraliaAdair, D; Pope, SW; Nauright, J
2016-09-22AustraliaAdair, D
2009-01-01Australian sport history: From the founding years to todayAdair, D
2010-08-13Beyond boundaries? 'Race', ethnicity and identity in sportAdair, D; Rowe, D
2014-12-02Beyond the stadium: Football world cup fan fests and global live sitesEisenhauer, S; Adair, D; Taylor, T
2009-09-01'Brave new world' or 'sticky wicket'? Women, management and organizational power in Cricket AustraliaStronach, M; Adair, D
2015Conceptualizing Embodied Masculinities in Global SportKnijnik, J; Adair, D; Knijnik, J; Adair, D
2016-05-03Confronting ‘race’ and policy: sport, race and indigeneityAdair, D
-Consumer behaviour toward a new league and teams: television audiences as a measure of market acceptanceFujak, H; Frawley, S; Lock, D; Adair, D
2013The contractual and ethical duty for a professional athlete to be an exemplary role model: bringing the sport and sports person into unreasonable and unfair disreputeJonson, PT; Lynch, S; Adair, D
2014-09-19Dadirri: Using a Philosophical Approach to Research to Build Trust between a Non-Indigenous Researcher and Indigenous ParticipantsStronach, MM; Adair, D
2009-12-01Darkness and a little light: 'Race' and sport in AustraliaTatz, C; Adair, D
2019-05-27‘Djabooly-djabooly: why don’t they swim?’: the ebb and flow of water in the lives of Australian Aboriginal womenStronach, M; Adair, D; Maxwell, H
2011-08-01Drivers of illicit drug use regulation in Australian sportStewart, B; Adair, D; Smith, A
2015Embodied Masculinities in Global SportKnijnik, J; Adair, D; Knijnik, J; Adair, D
2019-08-13Empowering Voices from the Past: The Playing Experiences of Retired Pasifika Rugby League Athletes in AustraliaLakisa, D; Teaiwa, K; Adair, D; Taylor, T
2019-12-01Exploring Sport and Intergroup Relations in Fiji: Guidance for Researchers Undertaking Short-Term EthnographySugden, JT; Adair, D; Schulenkorf, N; Frawley, S
2017-01-01Exploring the wicked problem of athlete and consumer vulnerability in sportWestberg, K; Stavros, C; Smith, ACT; Newton, J; Lindsay, S; Kelly, S; Beus, S; Adair, D