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2013-06-0117q25 locus is associated with white matter hyperintensity volume in ischemic stroke, but not with lacunar stroke statusAdib-Samii, P; Rost, N; Traylor, M; Devan, W; Biffi, A; Lanfranconi, S; Fitzpatrick, K; Bevan, S; Kanakis, A; Valant, V; Gschwendtner, A; Malik, R; Richie, A; Gamble, D; Segal, H; Parati, EA; Ciusani, E; Holliday, EG; Maguire, J; Wardlaw, J; Worrall, B; Bis, J; Wiggins, KL; Longstreth, W; Kittner, SJ; Cheng, YC; Mosley, T; Falcone, GJ; Furie, KL; Leiva-Salinas, C; Lau, BC; Khan, MS; Sharma, P; Fornage, M; Mitchell, BD; Psaty, BM; Sudlow, C; Levi, C; Boncoraglio, GB; Rothwell, PM; Meschia, J; Dichgans, M; Rosand, J; Markus, HS
2016-03-01Association of MTHFR C677T Genotype with Ischemic Stroke Is Confined to Cerebral Small Vessel Disease SubtypeRutten-Jacobs, LCA; Traylor, M; Adib-Samii, P; Thijs, V; Sudlow, C; Rothwell, PM; Boncoraglio, G; Dichgans, M; Meschia, J; Maguire, J; Levi, C; Rost, NS; Rosand, J; Hassan, A; Bevan, S; Markus, HS
2016-01-12Genome-wide meta-analysis of cerebral white matter hyperintensities in patients with stroke.Traylor, M; Zhang, CR; Adib-Samii, P; Devan, WJ; Parsons, OE; Lanfranconi, S; Gregory, S; Cloonan, L; Falcone, GJ; Radmanesh, F; Fitzpatrick, K; Kanakis, A; Barrick, TR; Moynihan, B; Lewis, CM; Boncoraglio, GB; Lemmens, R; Thijs, V; Sudlow, C; Wardlaw, J; Rothwell, PM; Meschia, JF; Worrall, BB; Levi, C; Bevan, S; Furie, KL; Dichgans, M; Rosand, J; Markus, HS; Rost, N; International Stroke Genetics Consortium,