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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A Bio-Inspired Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Optimal Power Flow Problem in Hybrid Power SystemAhmad, M; Javaid, N; Niaz, IA; Almogren, A; Radwan, A
2021-01-01A Cost-Effective Optimization for Scheduling of Household Appliances and Energy ResourcesAhmad, M; Javaid, N; Niaz, IA; Almogren, A; Radwan, A
2022-02-15Conversion of the toxic and hazardous Zanthoxylum armatum seed oil into methyl ester using green and recyclable silver oxide nanoparticlesRozina,; Ahmad, M; Asif, S; KlemeŇ°, JJ; Mubashir, M; Bokhari, A; Sultana, S; Mukhtar, A; Zafar, M; Bazmi, AA; Ullah, S; Khan, MS; Koyande, AK; Mofijur, M; Show, PL
2010Cooperative MIMO Systems in Wireless Sensor NetworksAhmad, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X; Suaidi, M
2021-10-01Effect of palm-sesame biodiesel fuels with alcoholic and nanoparticle additives on tribological characteristics of lubricating oil by four ball tribo-testerMujtaba, MA; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH; Soudagar, MEM; Khan, HM; Fayaz, H; Farooq, M; Gul, M; Ahmed, W; Ahmad, M; Munir, M; Yaqoob, H; Samuel, OD; Razzaq, L
2022-08-01Efficient Production of Wild and Non-Edible Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. Seed Oil into High-Quality Biodiesel via Novel, Green and Recyclable NiSO<inf>4</inf> Nano-CatalystAkhtar, MT; Ahmad, M; Asma, M; Munir, M; Zafar, M; Sultana, S; Mujtaba, MA; Mohamed, A; Kalam, MA
2023-10-07Implementation of an Intelligent Animal Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network and IoT PlatformRehman, AU; Arshad, J; Sadiq, MT; Rehman, A; Ahmad, M; Hasan, MK; Hamadi, HA; Faiz, T
2010Optimal Cooperative MIMO Scheme in Wireless Sensor NetworksAhmad, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X; Suaidi, M
2020-01-01A PLS-SEM Neural Network Approach for Understanding Cryptocurrency AdoptionSohaib, O; Hussain, W; Asif, M; Ahmad, M; Mazzara, M
2022-06-01Prospects of Catalysis for Process Sustainability of Eco-Green Biodiesel Synthesis via Transesterification: A State-Of-The-Art ReviewAmeen, M; Ahmad, M; Zafar, M; Munir, M; Abbas, MM; Sultana, S; Rozina,; Elkhatib, SE; Soudagar, MEM; Kalam, MA
2020-07-01Security, usability, and biometric authentication scheme for electronic voting using multiple keysAhmad, M; Rehman, AU; Ayub, N; Alshehri, MD; Khan, MA; Hameed, A; Yetgin, H
2011A survey of low duty cycle MAC protocols in wireless sensor networksAhmad, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X; Foerster, A
2022-09-01Sustainable Production of Biodiesel from Novel and Non-Edible Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Seed Oil from Green and Recyclable Potassium Hydroxide Activated Ailanthus Cake and Cadmium Sulfide CatalystJabeen, M; Munir, M; Abbas, MM; Ahmad, M; Waseem, A; Saeed, M; Kalam, MA; Zafar, M; Sultana, S; Mohamed, A; Chaudhry, B
2021-09-01Thermally activated epoxy-functionalized carbon as an electrocatalyst for efficient NO<inf>x</inf> reductionSharif, HMA; Li, T; Mahmood, N; Ahmad, M; Xu, J; Mahmood, A; Djellabi, R; Yang, B