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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-03A comparison between three conditioning factors dataset for landslide prediction in the sajadrood catchment of iranKalantar, B; Ueda, N; Al-Najjar, HAH; Saeidi, V; Gibril, MBA; Halin, AA
2021-11-01A meta-learning approach of optimisation for spatial prediction of landslidesPradhan, B; Sameen, MI; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sheng, D; Alamri, AM; Park, HJ
2021-10-01A new integrated approach for landslide data balancing and spatial prediction based on generative adversarial networks (GAN)Al-Najjar, HAH; Pradhan, B; Sarkar, R; Beydoun, G; Alamri, A
2022-01-01A novel method using explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)-based Shapley Additive Explanations for spatial landslide prediction using Time-Series SAR datasetAl-Najjar, HAH; Pradhan, B; Beydoun, G; Sarkar, R; Park, HJ; Alamri, A
2020-11-01Assessment of convolutional neural network architectures for earthquake-induced building damage detection based on pre-and post-event orthophoto imagesKalantar, B; Ueda, N; Al-Najjar, HAH; Halin, AA
2019-01-01Conditioning factor determination for mapping and prediction of landslide susceptibility using machine learning algorithmsAl-Najjar, HAH; Kalantar, B; Pradhan, B; Saeidi, V
2019-07Conditioning Factors Determination for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Support Vector Machine LearningKalantar, B; Ueda, N; Lay, US; Al-Najjar, HAH; Halin, AA
2018-01-01A geospatial solution using a TOPSIS approach for prioritizing urban projects in LibyaAmazeeq, MSAB; Kalantar, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Idrees, MO; Pradhan, B; Mansor, S
2019-06-01Land cover classification from fused DSM and UAV images using convolutional neural networksAl-Najjar, HAH; Kalantar, B; Pradhan, B; Saeidi, V; Halin, AA; Ueda, N; Mansor, S
2020-01-01Landslide Detection Using a Saliency Feature Enhancement Technique from LiDAR-Derived DEM and OrthophotosPradhan, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sameen, MI; Mezaal, MR; Alamri, AM
2021-08-02Landslide susceptibility modeling: An integrated novel method based on machine learning feature transformationAl-Najjar, HAH; Pradhan, B; Kalantar, B; Sameen, MI; Santosh, M; Alamri, A
2021-01-01Object-Oriented Approach for Urbanization Growth by Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case Study in Hilla City, Babylon Governorate, IraqMahmoud, AS; Kalantar, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Moayedi, H; Halin, AA; Mansor, S
2019-01-01Optimized conditioning factors using machine learning techniques for groundwater potential mappingKalantar, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Pradhan, B; Saeidi, V; Halin, AA; Ueda, N; Naghibi, SA
2020-05-01Unseen land cover classification fromhigh-resolution orthophotos using integration of zero-shot learning and convolutional neural networksPradhan, B; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sameen, MI; Tsang, I; Alamri, AM