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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09-01A multi-model data fusion methodology for reservoir water quality based on machine learning algorithms and bayesian maximum entropyZamani, MG; Nikoo, MR; Niknazar, F; Al-Rawas, G; Al-Wardy, M; Gandomi, AH
2023-07Entropy-based air quality monitoring network optimization using NINP and Bayesian maximum entropy.Haddadi, A; Nikoo, MR; Nematollahi, B; Al-Rawas, G; Al-Wardy, M; Toloo, M; Gandomi, AH
2023-05-15Multi-objective optimization of hydrant flushing in a water distribution system using a fast hybrid technique.Shoorangiz, M; Nikoo, MR; Šimůnek, J; Gandomi, AH; Adamowski, JF; Al-Wardy, M
2022-08Progressive improvement of DRASTICA and SI models for groundwater vulnerability assessment based on evolutionary algorithms.Zare, M; Nikoo, MR; Nematollahi, B; Gandomi, AH; Al-Wardy, M; Al-Rawas, GA
2022-02-01Reservoir operation under accidental MTBE pollution: A graph-based conflict resolution framework considering spatial-temporal-quantitative uncertaintiesVanda, S; Nikoo, MR; Hashempour Bakhtiari, P; Al-Wardy, M; Franklin Adamowski, J; Šimůnek, J; Gandomi, AH
2022-07-01Reservoir optimal operation with an integrated approach for managing floods and droughts using NSGA-III and prospect behavioral theoryBahrami, N; Reza Nikoo, M; Al-Rawas, G; Al-Wardy, M; Gandomi, AH
2022-07-13Soil Erosion in the United States. Present and Future (2020-2050)Shojaeezadeh, SA; Al-Wardy, M; Nikoo, MR; Mooselu, MG; Alizadeh, MR; Adamowski, JF; Moradkhani, H; Alamdari, N; Gandomi, AH
2022-11-01The application of Bayesian model averaging based on artificial intelligent models in estimating multiphase shock flood wavesVosoughi, F; Nikoo, MR; Rakhshandehroo, G; Alamdari, N; Gandomi, AH; Al-Wardy, M