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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-19Antenatal-Based Pilot Psychosocial Intervention to Enhance Mental Health of Pregnant Women Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence in Nepal.Sapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Rijal, P; Anderson, D
2008-01Bridging the Gap - A Design Process study for an 'intelligent' footbridgeAnderson, D; Crews, KI; IABSE
2012-01Cloud Adoption: A comparative studyFeuerlicht, G; Margaris, N; Anderson, D; Yang, HJ; Varacha, P
2019-04-01Counselling-based psychosocial intervention to improve the mental health of abused pregnant women: A protocol for randomised controlled feasibility trial in a tertiary hospital in eastern NepalSapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Rijal, P; Pokharel, R; Anderson, D
2020-05Do antibiotics have a role in treating injured workers with chronic low back pain? Systematic review and meta-analysis.Mylordi, C; Anderson, D; van Gelder, J
2011-01The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Health and Safety of Young WorkersAnderson, D; Hannif, ZN; Lamm, F; Price, R; McDonald, P; Bailey, J; Pini, B
2019-04-02Interventions for reducing and/or controlling domestic violence among pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic reviewSapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Anderson, D
2015-02-12New genetic loci link adipose and insulin biology to body fat distributionShungin, D; Winkler, TW; Croteau-Chonka, DC; Ferreira, T; Locke, AE; Mägi, R; Strawbridge, RJ; Pers, TH; Fischer, K; Justice, AE; Workalemahu, T; Wu, JMW; Buchkovich, ML; Heard-Costa, NL; Roman, TS; Drong, AW; Song, C; Gustafsson, S; Day, FR; Esko, T; Fall, T; Kutalik, Z; Luan, J; Randall, JC; Scherag, A; Vedantam, S; Wood, AR; Chen, J; Fehrmann, R; Karjalainen, J; Kahali, B; Liu, CT; Schmidt, EM; Absher, D; Amin, N; Anderson, D; Beekman, M; Bragg-Gresham, JL; Buyske, S; Demirkan, A; Ehret, GB; Feitosa, MF; Goel, A; Jackson, AU; Johnson, T; Kleber, ME; Kristiansson, K; Mangino, M; Leach, IM; Medina-Gomez, C; Palmer, CD; Pasko, D; Pechlivanis, S; Peters, MJ; Prokopenko, I; Stančáková, A; Sung, YJ; Tanaka, T; Teumer, A; Van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, JV; Yengo, L; Zhang, W; Albrecht, E; Ärnlöv, J; Arscott, GM; Bandinelli, S; Barrett, A; Bellis, C; Bennett, AJ; Berne, C; Blüher, M; Böhringer, S; Bonnet, F; Böttcher, Y; Bruinenberg, M; Carba, DB; Caspersen, IH; Clarke, R; Daw, EW; Deelen, J; Deelman, E; Delgado, G; Doney, AS; Eklund, N; Erdos, MR; Estrada, K; Eury, E; Friedrich, N; Garcia, ME; Giedraitis, V; Gigante, B; Go, AS; Golay, A; Grallert, H; Grammer, TB; Gräßler, J; Grewal, J; Groves, CJ; Haller, T; Hallmans, G
2019-11-01Soy intake and vasomotor menopausal symptoms among midlife women: a pooled analysis of five studies from the InterLACE consortiumDunneram, Y; Chung, HF; Cade, JE; Greenwood, DC; Dobson, AJ; Mitchell, ES; Woods, NF; Brunner, EJ; Yoshizawa, T; Anderson, D; Mishra, GD
2011-01The working experiences of student migrants in Australia and New ZealandAnderson, D; Lamare, R; Hannif, ZN; Laneyrie, F; Li, L; Markey, R
2011-01The working experiences of student migrants in Australia and New ZealandAnderson, D; Lamare, R; Hannif, ZN; Price, R; McDonald, P; Bailey, J; Pini, B
2019-04-01Yoga and acupuncture versus "sham" treatments for menopausal hot flashes: How do they compare?McGuire, A; Anderson, D