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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Adaptive Trajectory Control Based Robotic Rehabilitation DeviceAnwar, T; Al-Jumaily, A
1-Jan-2014Adaptive trajectory control based robotic rehabilitation deviceAnwar, T; Al Jumaily, A
1-Jan-2014Adaptive trajectory control to achieve smooth interaction force in robotic rehabilitation deviceAnwar, T; Al Juamily, A
7-Nov-2016ANFIS to estimate damping coefficient from EMG to optimize the interaction forceAnwar, T; Jumaiiy, AA
25-Jul-2016ANFIS to estimate damping coefficient from EMG to optimize the interaction forceAnwar, T; Jumaily, AA
1-Jan-2015EMG signal based knee joint angle estimation of flexion and extension with extreme learning machine (ELM) for enhancement of patient-robotic exoskeleton interactionAnwar, T; Anam, K; Jumaily, AA
28-Apr-2017EMG signal based knee joint torque estimationAnwar, T; Al Jumaily, A
9-Feb-2017Estimation of angle based on EMG using ANFISAnwar, T; Al Jumaily, A
1-Jan-2017Estimation of Torque Based on EMG using ANFISAnwar, T; Al-Jumaily, A; Watsford, M
1-Jun-2016Extreme learning machine based sEMG for drop-foot after stroke detectionAdil, S; Anwar, T; Adel; Jumaily, A
1-Sep-2014Improving and sustaining quality of child health care through IMCI training and supervision: experience from rural BangladeshHoque, DME; Arifeen, SE; Rahman, M; Chowdhury, EK; Haque, TM; Begum, K; Hossain, MA; Akter, T; Haque, F; Anwar, T; Billah, SM; Rahman, AE; Huque, MH; Christou, A; Baqui, AH; Bryce, J; Black, RE
1-Jan-2014Patient cooperative adaptive controller for lower limb Robotic Rehabilitation DeviceAnwar, T; Al Jumaily, A
2-Feb-2018RBF based adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system to torque estimation from EMG signalAnwar, T; Al-Dmour, H
7-Nov-2016System identification and damping coefficient estimation from EMG based on ANFIS to optimize human exoskeleton interactionAnwar, T; Jumaily, AA
2010Wireless Device Location Sensing In a Museum ProjectAnwar, T; Nanda, P; Program Committee