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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Action 26 Create Cool CommonsMellick Lopes, A; Arora, V; Cairns, S; Tunas, D
2022-01-01Advanced drug delivery system in the treatment of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemiaArora, V; Kabra, A; Sharma, RB; Dureja, H; Dua, K
2019-10Electroencephalogram Based Reaction Time Prediction With Differential Phase Synchrony Representations Using Co-Operative Multi-Task Deep Neural NetworksReddy, TK; Arora, V; Kumar, S; Behera, L; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T
2022-01-01Emerging drug delivery in the treatment of hyperpituitarism and hypopituitarismArora, V; Kabra, A; Puri, R; Vyas, G; Dua, K; Dureja, H
2020-07-01Fuzzy divergence based analysis for eeg drowsiness detection brain computer interfacesReddy, TK; Arora, V; Behera, L; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2019-10-01Multiclass Fuzzy Time-Delay Common Spatio-Spectral Patterns with Fuzzy Information Theoretic Optimization for EEG-Based Regression Problems in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)Reddy, TK; Arora, V; Behera, L; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-08Recent developments, challenges and future prospects in advanced drug delivery systems in the management of tuberculosisVerma, N; Arora, V; Awasthi, R; Chan, Y; Jha, NK; Thapa, K; Jawaid, T; Kamal, M; Gupta, G; Liu, G; Paudel, KR; Hansbro, PM; George Oliver, BG; Singh, SK; Chellappan, DK; Dureja, H; Dua, K
2015-01-01SBMDb: First whole genome putative microsatellite DNA marker database of sugarbeet for bioenergy and industrial applicationsIquebal, MA; Jaiswal, S; Angadi, UB; Sablok, G; Arora, V; Kumar, S; Rai, A; Kumar, D