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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Aggregation of carboxyl-modified polystyrene nanoplastics in water with aluminum chloride: Structural characterization and theoretical calculation.Gong, Y; Bai, Y; Zhao, D; Wang, Q
2016-05Ambient Aqueous Growth of Cu2Te Nanostructures with Excellent Electrocatalytic Activity toward Sulfide Redox Shuttles.Han, C; Bai, Y; Sun, Q; Zhang, S; Li, Z; Wang, L; Dou, S
2021-12-10Analyses of community structure and role of immobilized bacteria system in the bioremediation process of diesel pollution seawater.Fu, X; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Cheng, D; Chen, C; Bai, Y; Jiang, Q
2018-04-01Assimilable organic carbon (AOC) variation in reclaimed water: Insight on biological stability evaluation and control for sustainable water reuseChen, Z; Yu, T; Ngo, HH; Lu, Y; Li, G; Wu, Q; Li, K; Bai, Y; Liu, S; Hu, HY
2022-07Catalytic Mechanism of Oxygen Vacancies in Perovskite Oxides for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.Hou, W; Feng, P; Guo, X; Wang, Z; Bai, Z; Bai, Y; Wang, G; Sun, K
2017-10-31Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation - A benchmark of metagenomics softwareSczyrba, A; Hofmann, P; Belmann, P; Koslicki, D; Janssen, S; Dröge, J; Gregor, I; Majda, S; Fiedler, J; Dahms, E; Bremges, A; Fritz, A; Garrido-Oter, R; Jørgensen, TS; Shapiro, N; Blood, PD; Gurevich, A; Bai, Y; Turaev, D; Demaere, MZ; Chikhi, R; Nagarajan, N; Quince, C; Meyer, F; Balvočiutė, M; Hansen, LH; Sørensen, SJ; Chia, BKH; Denis, B; Froula, JL; Wang, Z; Egan, R; Don Kang, D; Cook, JJ; Deltel, C; Beckstette, M; Lemaitre, C; Peterlongo, P; Rizk, G; Lavenier, D; Wu, YW; Singer, SW; Jain, C; Strous, M; Klingenberg, H; Meinicke, P; Barton, MD; Lingner, T; Lin, HH; Liao, YC; Silva, GGZ; Cuevas, DA; Edwards, RA; Saha, S; Piro, VC; Renard, BY; Pop, M; Klenk, HP; Göker, M; Kyrpides, NC; Woyke, T; Vorholt, JA; Schulze-Lefert, P; Rubin, EM; Darling, AE; Rattei, T; McHardy, AC
2022-04-14Design of Electronic Nose Detection System for Apple Quality Grading Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and K-Nearest Neighbor Support Vector Machine.Zou, X; Wang, C; Luo, M; Ren, Q; Liu, Y; Zhang, S; Bai, Y; Meng, J; Zhang, W; Su, SW
2018-07-01Design of filtering power divider with high frequency selectivityXu, KD; Bai, Y; Zhu, C; Liu, Y
2016-10-31Evolutionary lazy learning for Naive Bayes classificationBai, Y; Wang, H; Wu, J; Zhang, Y; Jiang, J; Long, G
2023-06-01Facile Synthesizing Yolk-Shelled Fe<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf>@Carbon Nanocavities with Balanced Physiochemical Synergism as Efficient Hosts for High-Performance Lithium–Sulfur BatteriesChen, L; Zhao, C; Lu, Y; Wan, L; Yan, K; Bai, Y; Liu, Z; Yang, X; Su, Y; Wu, F
2019-06-01Low Switching Frequency Model Predictive Control of Three-Level Inverter-Fed im Drives with Speed-Sensorless and Field-Weakening OperationsZhang, Y; Bai, Y; Yang, H; Zhang, B
2018A New Digital Paper Search Paradigm Based on FCAHaibin, Y; Chongyang, S; Bai, Y; Zhang, C; Hearne, R
2016-01-01Optimal charging strategy of electric vehicles customers in a smart electrical car parkHe, T; Bai, Y; Zhu, J
2021-12-15Optimization and mechanism of oily sludge treatment by a novel combined surfactants with activated-persulfate method.Zhang, Q; Jiang, Q; Bai, Y; Li, H; Xue, J; Gao, Y; Cheng, D
2016-07-01QoE in video streaming over wireless networks: perspectives and research challengesSu, GM; Su, X; Bai, Y; Wang, M; Vasilakos, AV; Wang, H
2022-04-01Responses of seawater bacteria in the bioremediation process of petroleum contamination by immobilized bacteriaXue, J; Liu, Y; Shi, K; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Bai, Y; Shen, C; Jiang, Q
2016Similarity model based on CBR and FCAShi, C; Lai, L; Fan, J; Bai, Y
2012-01Structural topology optimization using meshfree methodsLuo, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, N; Bai, Y; Wang, J; Fang, D
2023-12-05Toward Real-Time Animal Tracking with Integrated Stimulus Control for Automated Conditioning in Aquatic Eco-Neurotoxicology.Bai, Y; Henry, J; Cheng, E; Perry, S; Mawdsley, D; Wong, BBM; Kaslin, J; Wlodkowic, D
2018-08-01A Universal Multiple-Vector-Based Model Predictive Control of Induction Motor DrivesZhang, Y; Bai, Y; Yang, H