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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A meta-analysis of the weight of advice in decision-makingBailey, PE; Leon, T; Ebner, NC; Moustafa, AA; Weidemann, G
2019-10A role for affectivity in rapid facial mimicry: An electromyographic study.Varcin, KJ; Grainger, SA; Richmond, JL; Bailey, PE; Henry, JD
2021-02-17A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Subjective Age and the Association With Cognition, Subjective Well-Being, and Depression.Alonso Debreczeni, F; Bailey, PE
2018-08Age invariance in rapid facial affective reactions to emotionally valenced stimuli.Nangle, MR; Bailey, PE; Henry, JD; Khlentzos, GS; Varcin, KJ; Whitton, AE
2021Age-related differences in instructed positive reappraisal and mindful attentionBrady, B; Gonsalvez, C; Kneebone, II; Wufong, E; Bailey, PE
2021Age-related differences in instructed positive reappraisal and mindful attentionBrady, B; Gonsalvez, C; Kneebone, II; Wufong, E; Bailey, PE
2019-01-01Age-Related Preservation of Trust Following Minor Transgressions.Bailey, PE; Petridis, K; McLennan, SN; Ruffman, T; Rendell, PG
2016-08Age-related similarities and differences in first impressions of trustworthiness.Bailey, PE; Szczap, P; McLennan, SN; Slessor, G; Ruffman, T; Rendell, PG
2021-01-01“Alone, but not lonely”: The impact of COVID-19 on older persons and the role of technology in staying connectedOkan, C; Weidemann, G; Bailey, PE
2016-11Deconstructing the nature of episodic foresight deficits associated with chronic opiate use.Mercuri, K; Terrett, G; Bailey, PE; Henry, JD; Curran, HV; Rendell, PG
2016-06Difficulty in differentiating trustworthiness from untrustworthiness in older age.Webb, B; Hine, AC; Bailey, PE
2020-03-09Effects of Age on Emotion Regulation, Emotional Empathy, and Prosocial Behavior.Bailey, PE; Brady, B; Ebner, NC; Ruffman, T
2019-11Empathy for others' pain is disrupted at the neurophysiological level in schizophrenia.Varcin, KJ; Grainger, SA; Bailey, PE; Richmond, JL; Henry, JD
2019-04Intact spontaneous emotional expressivity to non-facial but not facial stimuli in schizophrenia: An electromyographic study.Varcin, KJ; Nangle, MR; Henry, JD; Bailey, PE; Richmond, JL
2021-02Introduction to the special issue on prosociality in adult development and aging: Advancing theory within a multilevel framework.Bailey, PE; Ebner, NC; Stine-Morrow, EAL
2016-09-13Multidisciplinary perspective on prosociality in agingEbner, NC; Bailey, PE; Horta, M; Joiner, JA; Chang, SWC
2017-12Music to my ears: Age-related decline in musical and facial emotion recognition.Sutcliffe, R; Rendell, PG; Henry, JD; Bailey, PE; Ruffman, T
2018-11-01Predictors of mental health literacy in older peoplePiper, SE; Bailey, PE; Lam, LT; Kneebone, II
2016-02Reduced facial reactivity as a contributor to preserved emotion regulation in older adults.Pedder, DJ; Terrett, G; Bailey, PE; Henry, JD; Ruffman, T; Rendell, PG
2019-10-31Schema in older adults: does the schema mode model apply?Phillips, K; Brockman, R; Bailey, PE; Kneebone, II