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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-01Al Jazeera and Global News: Stages of OperationBebawi, S; Kern, R; Mishra, S
2022-11-29Arab investigative journalism: Exploring processes of cultural changeBebawi, S
2020-06Book Review: Haiyan Wang, The Transformation of Investigative Journalism in China: From Journalists to ActivistsBebawi, S
2021-01-01Conceptualising Innovation Through a Cultural Model: Arab Investigative JournalismBebawi, S
2016-11-03The cultural imperative: News production and soft powerBebawi, S
2020Data Journalism and Investigative Reporting in the Arab World: From Emotive to Evidence-Based JournalismBebawi, S; Mutsvairo, B; Bebawi, S; Borges-Rey, E
2019-10-21Data Journalism beyond Majority World Countries: Challenges and OpportunitiesWright, K; Zamith, R; Bebawi, S
2023-02-11Different Global Journalisms: Cultures and ContextsBebawi, S; Onilov, O
2017-04-21The digital public sphere: Social media as social and political participationBebawi, S
2022-04-15Disinformation in Arab Media: Cultural Histories and Political DynamicsBebawi, S; Wasserman, H; Madrid-Morales, D
2019-01-01The future foreign correspondentBebawi, S; Evans, M
2024Global Investigative CollaborationBebawi, S; Konow-Lund, M
2024-01-01Hybrid Investigative JournalismBebawi, S; Konow-Lund, M; Park, M
2023-12-01Hybrid Investigative Journalism During Times of CrisisBebawi, S; Konow-Lund, M; Park, M
2023-09-29Investigative Journalism and Media Pluralism: Voices from the Global SouthBebawi, S; Dwyer, T; Wilding, D
2016Investigative Journalism in the Arab world: Issues and ChallengesBebawi, S
2022-09-19Journalism and the Global South: Shaping Journalistic Practices and Identity Post “Arab Spring”Bebawi, S; Mutsvairo, B
2019-06-01Journalism Educators, Regulatory Realities, and Pedagogical Predicaments of the “Fake News” Era: A Comparative Perspective on the Middle East and AfricaMutsvairo, B; Bebawi, S
2016-11-01Mapping the emergence of social media in everyday journalistic practicesBossio, D; Bebawi, S
2016-01Media Power and Global Television News: The Role of Al Jazeera EnglishBebawi, S