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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-27Addressing Exploitation in Supply Chains: Is Technology a Game Changer for Worker Voice?Berg, L; Farbenblum, B; Kintominas, A
2020-09-17As If We Weren't Humans: The Abandonment of Temporary Migrants in Australia during COVID-19Berg, L; Farbenblum, B
2009-06-23Constructing the personal narratives of Lesbian, gay and bisexual asylum claimantsBerg, L; Millbank, J
2018-11Cultural Exchange or Cheap Housekeeper? Findings of a National Survey of Au Pairs in AustraliaBerg, L; Meagher, G
2019-09-05‘Finally an academic approach that prepares you for the real world’: simulations for human rights skills development in higher educationMcGaughey, F; Hartley, L; Banki, S; Duffill, P; Stubbs, M; Orchard, P; Rice, S; Berg, L; Kerdo, PP
2020-06-30International Students and Wage Theft in AustraliaFarbenblum, B; Berg, L
2019-11-04Living Precariously: Understanding International Students' Housing Experiences in AustraliaBerg, L; Farbenbelum, B
2011-01-01'Mate speak English, you're in Australia now: English language requirements in skilled migrationBerg, L
2019-09-07Message to Coles, Woolworths: Act now to end modern slaveryBoersma, M; Berg, L; Nolan, J
2015-06-26Migrant rights at work: Law's precariousness at the intersection of immigration and labourBerg, L
2017-09-02Migrant workers’ access to remedy for exploitation in Australia: the role of the national Fair Work OmbudsmanFarbenblum, B; Berg, L
2017-01-01Remedies for migrant worker exploitation in Australia: Lessons from the 7-eleven wage repayment programBerg, L; Farbenblum, B
2018-11Transformative Technology for Migrant Workers: Opportunities, Challenges and RisksFarbenblum, B; Berg, L; Kintominas, A
2018-11-12Wage Theft in Silence: Why Migrant Workers Do Not Recover Their Unpaid Wages In AustraliaFarbenblum, B; Berg, L
2021-04-08“We might not be citizens but we are still people”: Australia’s disregard for the human rights of international students during COVID-19Farbenblum, B; Berg, L