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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01A qualitative investigation of bank employee experiences of information security and phishingConway, D; Taib, R; Harris, M; Berkovsky, S; Yu, K; Chen, F
2015-12-24An analysis of new visitors' website behaviour before & after TV advertisingMedvediev, K; Xu, G; Berkovsky, S; Onikienko, Y
2019-01Challenges of developing a digital scribe to reduce clinical documentation burden.Quiroz, JC; Laranjo, L; Kocaballi, AB; Berkovsky, S; Rezazadegan, D; Coiera, E
2018Do I trust a machine? Differences in user trust based on system performanceYu, K; Berkovsky, S; Conway, D; Taib, R; Zhou, J; Chen, F
2019-01-01Do I trust my machine teammate? An investigation from perception to decisionYu, K; Berkovsky, S; Taib, R; Zhou, J; Chen, F
2020-11-02Empirical analysis of Zipf's law, power law, and lognormal distributions in medical discharge reports.Quiroz, JC; Laranjo, L; Tufanaru, C; Kocaballi, AB; Rezazadegan, D; Berkovsky, S; Coiera, E
-Envisioning an artificial intelligence documentation assistant for future primary care consultations: A co-design study with general practitionersKocaballi, AB; Ijaz, K; Laranjo, L; Quiroz, JC; Rezazadegan, D; Tong, HL; Willcock, S; Berkovsky, S; Coiera, E
-Identifying relevant information in medical conversations to summarize a clinician-patient encounterQuiroz, JC; Laranjo, L; Kocaballi, AB; Briatore, A; Berkovsky, S; Rezazadegan, D; Coiera, E
2019-01-01Online engagement for a healthier you: A Case Study of Web-based Supermarket Health ProgramLuo, L; Li, B; Berkovsky, S; Koprinska, I; Chen, F
2020-02-09Responses of Conversational Agents to Health and Lifestyle Prompts: Investigation of Appropriateness and Presentation Structures.Kocaballi, AB; Quiroz, JC; Rezazadegan, D; Berkovsky, S; Magrabi, F; Coiera, E; Laranjo, L
2020-04-25Revisiting habitability in conversational systemsKocaballi, AB; Coiera, E; Berkovsky, S
2019-01-01Social Engineering and Organisational Dependencies in Phishing AttacksTaib, R; Yu, K; Berkovsky, S; Wiggins, M; Bayl-Smith, P
2022-03-01Symbolic and Statistical Learning Approaches to Speech Summarization: A Scoping ReviewRezazadegan, D; Berkovsky, S; Quiroz, JC; Kocaballi, AB; Wang, Y; Laranjo, L; Coiera, E