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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Cesaire and Senghor alongside Deleuze: Postimperial Multiplicity, Virtual Assemblages and the Cosmopolitan Ethics of NégritudeBignall, S; Ford, C; McCullough, S; Houle, K
2020-11-29Colonial ControlBignall, S
2022-12-01Colonial Fascism: Redemption, Forgiveness and ExcolonialismBignall, S; Dolphyn, R; Braidotti, R
2022-01-01COLONIAL HUMANISM, ALTER-HUMANISM AND EX-COLONIALISM.Bignall, S; Herbrechter, S; Callus, I; Rossini, M; Grech, M; de Bruin-Mole, M; Muller, J
2016‘Colonial Letters Patent and Excolonial Responsibility: Forgetting, Counter-Memory and Mnemonic Potentiality’Bignall, S; Rigney, D; Hattam, R
2019-01‘Indigeneity, posthumanism and nomad thought: transforming colonial ecologies’Bignall, S; Rigney, D; Braidotti, R; Bignall, S
2019-07-03Indigenous nation building for environmental futures: Murrundi flows through Ngarrindjeri countryHemming, S; Rigney, D; Bignall, S; Berg, S; Rigney, G
2019-05-11Ngarrindjeri Yannarumi: Educating for Transformation and Indigenous Nation (Re)buildingRigney, D; Hemming, S; Bignall, S; Maher, K
2016'On Property and Poverty: Agamben and Anarchism'Bignall, S; McLoughlin, D
2019-01-15‘Posthuman Systems’Bignall, S; Braidotti, R; Braidotti, R; Bignall, S
2019‘Re-visioning Benedict de Spinoza and George Eliot through the work of Moira Gatens’Bignall, S
2018-07-01The Obscure Drama of the Political Idea: Postcolonial Negotiations, Deleuzian Structures and the Concept of CooperationBignall, S
2016Three Ecosophies for the Anthropocene: Environmental Governance, Continental Posthumanism and Indigenous ExpressivismBignall, S; Hemming, SJ; Rigney, DM
2021Treaty as a Technology for Indigenous Nation BuildingRigney, D; Vivian, A; Hemming, S; Berg, S; Bignall, S; Bell, D; Smith, D; Wighton, A; Cornell, S; Delany, AV