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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09-01A 0.1% L-Menthol Mouth Swill in Elite Male Rugby Players Has Different Effects in Forwards and Backs.Jerram, ML; Baker, D; Smith, TB; Healey, P; Taylor, L; Black, K
2017-05-18Evidence-based policy responses to strengthen health, community and legislative systems that care for women in Australia with female genital mutilation / cuttingVarol, N; Hall, JJ; Black, K; Turkmani, S; Dawson, A
2021-12How do Pacific Island countries add up on contraception, abortion and reproductive coercion? Guidance from the Guttmacher report on investing in sexual and reproductive healthDawson, A; Ekeroma, A; Wilson, D; Noovao-Hill, A; Panisi, L; Takala, B; Black, K; Bateson, D
2023-03-22Improving rural and regional access to long-acting reversible contraception and medical abortion through nurse-led models of care, task-sharing and telehealth (ORIENT): a protocol for a stepped-wedge pragmatic cluster-randomised controlled trial in Australian general practice.Mazza, D; Shankar, M; Botfield, JR; Moulton, JE; Chakraborty, SP; Black, K; Tomnay, J; Bateson, D; Church, J; Laba, T-L; Kasza, J; Norman, WV
2023-06-23Patterns in the provision of government-subsidised hormonal postpartum contraception in Queensland, Australia between 2012 and 2018: a population-based cohort study.Carrandi, A; Bull, C; Hu, Y; Grzeskowiak, LE; Teede, H; Black, K; Callander, E
2019-03-01Research priorities for childhood chronic conditions: a workshop reportLopez-Vargas, P; Tong, A; Crowe, S; Alexander, SI; Caldwell, PHY; Campbell, DE; Couper, J; Davidson, A; De, S; Fitzgerald, DA; Haddad, S; Hill, S; Howell, M; Jaffe, A; James, LJ; Ju, A; Manera, KE; McKenzie, A; Morrow, AM; Odgers, HL; Pinkerton, R; Ralph, AF; Richmond, P; Shaw, PJ; Singh-Grewal, D; Van Zwieten, A; Wake, M; Craig, JC; Bowyer, A; Valerio, C; Kambi, C; Guha, C; Walker, C; Kambi, D; Elharris, F; Pagano, G; Stumbles, J; Gile, J; Wong, K; Black, K; Bowyer, M; Harris, M; Lin, P; Jones, P; McGann, P; Pagano, P; Elhassan, R; Cole, S; Fernance, Z; Brown, A; Blake, J; Keath, J; Chandler, J; Griffin, L; Harnett, L; Fernandez, ML; Jackson, M; Haskard, M; Burke, N; Gardos, R; Brophy, S; Bowers, A; Ralph, A; van Zwieten, A; Penna, A; Wyse, B; Scanlan, C; Rogers, C; Cowell, C; Spencer, G; Hiscock, H; Odgers, H; Puusepp-Benazzouz, H; Razee, H; Boyle, J; Belcher, J; Craig, J; Ozimek-Kulik, J; Bau, K; Manera, K; James, L; Mimmo, L; Hallowell, L; Wallen, M; Bowden, M; Nassar, N; Lopez-Varga, P; Karlsson, P; Carlson, S; Hall, S; Sheppard-Law, S; Wilson, Y
2015-10-08The role of men in abandonment of female genital mutilation: A systematic reviewVarol, N; Turkmani, S; Black, K; Hall, J; Dawson, A
2022-07Setting Preconception Care Priorities in Australia Using a Delphi Technique.Boyle, JA; Black, K; Dorney, E; Amor, DJ; Brown, L; Callander, E; Camilleri, R; Cheney, K; Gordon, A; Hammarberg, K; Jeyapalan, D; Leahy, D; Millard, J; Mills, C; Musgrave, L; Norman, RJ; O'Brien, C; Roach, V; Skouteris, H; Steel, A; Walker, S; Walker, R
2015-10-01A systematic review of doctors' experiences and needs to support the care of women with female genital mutilationDawson, A; Homer, CSE; Turkmani, S; Black, K; Varol, N