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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-21Anti-resorptive medication use is not associated with acute cardiovascular risk: An observational study: Anti-resorptive medication and cardiovascular risk.Bliuc, D; Tran, T; Chen, W; Alarkawi, D; Alajlouni, DA; Blyth, F; March, L; Blank, RD; Center, JR
2023-11-21Clinical Observation, Management and Function Of low back pain Relief Therapies (COMFORT): A cluster randomised controlled trial protocol.Abdel Shaheed, C; Ivers, R; Vizza, L; McLachlan, A; Kelly, PJ; Blyth, F; Stanaway, F; Clare, PJ; Thompson, R; Lung, T; Degenhardt, L; Reid, S; Martin, B; Wright, M; Osman, R; French, S; McCaffery, K; Campbell, G; Jenkins, H; Mathieson, S; Boogs, M; McMaugh, J; Bennett, C; Maher, C
2023-05-17Cohort profile: POPPY II - a population-based cohort examining the patterns and outcomes of prescription opioid use in New South Wales, Australia.Gisev, N; Pearson, S-A; Dobbins, T; Buizen, L; Murphy, T; Wilson, A; Blyth, F; Dunlop, A; Larney, S; Currow, DC; Mattick, RP; Degenhardt, L
2018-12-01Combating escalating harms associated with pharmaceutical opioid use in Australia: The POPPY II study protocolGisev, N; Pearson, SA; Dobbins, T; Currow, DC; Blyth, F; Larney, S; Dunlop, A; Mattick, RP; Wilson, A; Degenhardt, L
2023-08-01Five-Year Trajectories of Prescription Opioid Use.Gisev, N; Buizen, L; Hopkins, RE; Schaffer, AL; Daniels, B; Bharat, C; Dobbins, T; Larney, S; Blyth, F; Currow, DC; Wilson, A; Pearson, S-A; Degenhardt, L
2019-02-01Patterns of high-risk prescribing and other factors in relation to receipt of a home medicines review: A prospective cohort investigation among adults aged 45 years and over in AustraliaDu, W; Gnjidic, D; Pearson, SA; Hilmer, SN; McLachlan, AJ; Blyth, F; Viney, R; Joshy, G; Day, C; Banks, E
2012Relationship Of Age And Gender To The Prevalence And Correlates Of Psychological Distress In Later LifeByles, J; Gallienne, L; Blyth, F; Banks, E
2023-01The association between multimorbidity and osteoporosis investigation and treatment in high-risk fracture patients in Australia: A prospective cohort study.Bliuc, D; Tran, T; Chen, W; Alarkawi, D; Alajlouni, DA; Blyth, F; March, L; Ensrud, KE; Blank, RD; Center, JR; Nguyen, C