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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09A qualitative study on community-based doulas' roles in providing culturally-responsive care to migrant women in Australia.Khaw, SM-L; Homer, CSE; Dearnley, RE; O'Rourke, K; Akter, S; Bohren, MA
2023-10Collaborative relationships between doulas and maternity care providers when supporting migrant women during labour and birth.Khaw, SM-L; Homer, CSE; Dearnley, R; O'Rourke, K; Akter, S; Bohren, MA
2022-07Community-based doulas for migrant and refugee women: a mixed-method systematic review and narrative synthesis.Khaw, SM-L; Zahroh, RI; O'Rourke, K; Dearnley, RE; Homer, C; Bohren, MA
2023-09-23Educational interventions targeting pregnant women to optimise the use of caesarean section: What are the essential elements? A qualitative comparative analysis.Zahroh, RI; Sutcliffe, K; Kneale, D; Vazquez Corona, M; Betrán, AP; Opiyo, N; Homer, CSE; Bohren, MA
2022Factors affecting the use of antibiotics and antiseptics to prevent maternal infection at birth: A global mixed-methods systematic review.Eddy, KE; Zahroh, RI; Bohren, MA; Bonet, M; Homer, CSE; Vogel, JP
2022-05Indonesian midwives' perspectives on changes in the provision of maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study.Hazfiarini, A; Zahroh, RI; Akter, S; Homer, CSE; Bohren, MA
2022-12-14Interventions targeting healthcare providers to optimise use of caesarean section: a qualitative comparative analysis to identify important intervention features.Zahroh, RI; Kneale, D; Sutcliffe, K; Vazquez Corona, M; Opiyo, N; Homer, CSE; Betrán, AP; Bohren, MA
2022-01-01Outcomes to measure the effects of pharmacological interventions for pain management for women during labour and birth: a review of systematic reviews and randomised trials.Tan, A; Wilson, AN; Eghrari, D; Clark, H; Tse, WC; Bohren, MA; Homer, C; Vogel, JP
2022Partnership-defined quality approach to companionship during labour and birth in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea: A mixed-methods study.Wilson, AN; Melepia, P; Suruka, R; Hezeri, P; Kabiu, D; Babona, D; Wapi, P; Bohren, MA; Vogel, JP; Kelly-Hanku, A; Morgan, A; Beeson, JG; Morgan, C; Spotswood, N; Scoullar, MJL; Vallely, LM; Homer, CSE; Saria, V
2022-06-01Quality newborn care in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea: measuring early newborn care practices and identifying opportunities for improvement.Wilson, AN; Melepia, P; Suruka, R; Hezeri, P; Kabiu, D; Babona, D; Wapi, P; Spotswood, N; Bohren, MA; Vogel, JP; Kelly-Hanku, A; Morgan, A; Beeson, JG; Morgan, C; Vallely, LM; Waramin, EJ; Scoullar, MJL; Homer, CSE
2021-05-18The prevalence of uterine fundal pressure during the second stage of labour for women giving birth in health facilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Farrington, E; Connolly, M; Phung, L; Wilson, AN; Comrie-Thomson, L; Bohren, MA; Homer, CSE; Vogel, JP
2021-10-11'We are going into battle without appropriate armour': A qualitative study of Indonesian midwives' experiences in providing maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic.Hazfiarini, A; Akter, S; Homer, CSE; Zahroh, RI; Bohren, MA