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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Activating and supporting the Tandanya Adelaide Declaration on Indigenous ArchivesBarrowcliffe, R; Booker, L; McKemmish, S; Thorpe, K
2023-01-01Challenging the Silences: Leading Change to Support Indigenous Representation and Priorities in Australian LibrariesThorpe, K; Galassi, M; Booker, L; Barber, T
2019-12Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Use for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Acute, Traumatic Tetraplegia.Graco, M; Schembri, R; Ross, J; Green, SE; Booker, L; Cistulli, PA; Ayas, NT; Berlowitz, DJ; COSAQ Investigators,
2021-01-01Designing archival information systems through partnerships with Indigenous communities: Developing the Mukurtu Hubs and Spokes Model in AustraliaThorpe, K; Christen, K; Booker, L; Galassi, M
2016-09-01From principle to practice: Community consultation regarding access to indigenous language material in archival records at the state library of New South WalesNicholls, S; Booker, L; Thorpe, K; Jackson, M; Girault, C; Briggs, R; Jones, C
2019-12-20Indigenous archiving and wellbeing: surviving, thriving, reconcilingBooker, L; Thorpe, K; Faulkhead, S; Evans, J; Bastian, J; Flinn, A
2023-01-01Indigenous Data Sovereignty, Repatriation and the Biopolitics of DNACarroll, S; Rigney, D; Hemming, S; Della-Sale, A; Booker, L; Berg, S; Behrendt, L; Bignall, S
2022-08-22Navigating respectful practice to support indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights in Australian librariesThorpe, K; Booker, L
2021-12-17The Benefits of Aboriginal Language Use and Renewal – Literature ReviewThorpe, K; Booker, L; Grey, A; Rigney, D; Galassi, M
2020Transforming the archive: Returning and connecting Indigenous repatriation recordsThorpe, K; Faulkhead, S; Booker, L; Fforde, C; McKeown, T; Keeler, H
2021-06-17Unsettled – seeing First Nations histories represented in the Australian MuseumThorpe, K; Booker, L
2023-03-22Wikimedia Australia and First Nations Metadata: ATSILIRN Protocols for Description and AccessThorpe, K; Sentance, N; Booker, L
2018-12-01Working with ‘Women Only’: Gendered protocols in the digitization and archiving processKell, J; Booker, L