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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01Attitudes, ideologies and self-organization: Information load minimization in multi-agent decision makingKitto, K; Boschetti, F
2013The Effects of Personality in a Social ContextKitto, K; Boschetti, F; Knauff, M; Pauen, N; Sebanz, N; Wachsmuth, I
2011-12-01The geometric modelling of social frames and contextsKitto, K; Boschetti, F; Bruza, P
2022-06Influence of offshore oil and gas structures on seascape ecological connectivity.McLean, DL; Ferreira, LC; Benthuysen, JA; Miller, KJ; Schläppy, M-L; Ajemian, MJ; Berry, O; Birchenough, SNR; Bond, T; Boschetti, F; Bull, AS; Claisse, JT; Condie, SA; Consoli, P; Coolen, JWP; Elliott, M; Fortune, IS; Fowler, AM; Gillanders, BM; Harrison, HB; Hart, KM; Henry, L-A; Hewitt, CL; Hicks, N; Hock, K; Hyder, K; Love, M; Macreadie, PI; Miller, RJ; Montevecchi, WA; Nishimoto, MM; Page, HM; Paterson, DM; Pattiaratchi, CB; Pecl, GT; Porter, JS; Reeves, DB; Riginos, C; Rouse, S; Russell, DJF; Sherman, CDH; Teilmann, J; Todd, VLG; Treml, EA; Williamson, DH; Thums, M
2015-01-01Modelling attitudes to climate change — an order effect and a test between alternativesKitto, K; Sonnenburg, L; Boschetti, F; Walker, I
2012-12-14The quantum inspired modelling of changing attitudes and self-organising societiesKitto, K; Boschetti, F; Bruza, P
2019-12-01Self-referential basis of undecidable dynamics: From the Liar paradox and the halting problem to the edge of chaosProkopenko, M; Harré, M; Lizier, J; Boschetti, F; Peppas, P; Kauffman, S
2021-01-12The future of ocean governance.Haas, B; Mackay, M; Novaglio, C; Fullbrook, L; Murunga, M; Sbrocchi, C; McDonald, J; McCormack, PC; Alexander, K; Fudge, M; Goldsworthy, L; Boschetti, F; Dutton, I; Dutra, L; McGee, J; Rousseau, Y; Spain, E; Stephenson, R; Vince, J; Wilcox, C; Haward, M
2021-10-15Thirty critical research needs for managing an ecologically and culturally unique remote marine environment: The Kimberley region of Western AustraliaCvitanovic, C; Mackay, M; Kelly, R; Wilson, SK; Waples, K; Nash, KL; van Putten, EI; Field, S; Botterill-James, T; Austin, BJ; Beckley, LE; Boschetti, F; Depczynski, M; Dobbs, RJ; Evans, RD; Feng, M; Goater, RK; Halford, AR; Kendrick, A; Kendrick, G; Lincoln, GDB; Ludgerus, LJ; Lowe, RJ; McMahon, K; Munro, JK; Newman, SJ; Nutt, C; Pearson, L; O'Leary, MJ; Richards, ZT; Robbins, WD; Rogers, DI; Salgado Kent, CP; Schoepf, V; Travers, MJ; Thums, M; Tucker, AD; Underwood, JN; Whiting, S; Mathews, D