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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07A call for action that cannot go to voicemail: Research activism to urgently improve Indigenous perinatal health and wellbeing.Hickey, S; Roe, Y; Ireland, S; Kildea, S; Haora, P; Gao, Y; Maypilama, EL; Kruske, S; Campbell, S; Moore, S; Maidment, S-J; Heinemann, K; Hartz, D; Adcock, A; Storey, F; Bennett, M; Lambert, C; Sibanda, N; Lawton, B; Cram, F; Stevenson, K; Lavoie, J; Edmonds, L; Geller, S; Bourrassa, C; Smylie, J; Van Wagner, V; Bourgeois, C; Dion Fletcher, C; King, A; Briggs, M; Worner, F; Wellington, C; Carson, A; Nelson, C; Watego, K; Brown-Lolohea, K; Colman, K; Currie, J; Lowell, A; West, R; Chamberlain, C; Geia, L; Sherwood, J; IBUS and BOOSt study teams,
2023-01-28Developing and evaluating Birthing on Country services for First Nations Australians: the Building On Our Strengths (BOOSt) prospective mixed methods birth cohort study protocol.Haora, P; Roe, Y; Hickey, S; Gao, Y; Nelson, C; Allen, J; Briggs, M; Worner, F; Kruske, S; Watego, K; Maidment, S-J; Hartz, D; Sherwood, J; Barclay, L; Tracy, S; Tracy, M; Wilkes, L; West, R; Grant, N; Kildea, S
2023-12-13Enabling the context for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Birthing on Country services: Participatory action research.Roe, Y; Allen, J; Haora, P; Hickey, S; Briggs, M; Wilkes, L; Nelson, C; Watego, K; Coddington, R; Ireland, S; Kruske, S; Gao, Y; Kildea, S
2016Impact of the ‘Swap it, Don’t Stop it’ Australian national mass media campaign on promoting small changes to lifestyle behaviors.O'Hara, B; Grunseit, A; Phongsavan, P; Bellew, W; Briggs, M; Bauman, A
2001-01-01Regeneration of native trees in response to flood releases from the United States into the delta of the Colorado River, MexicoZamora-Arroyo, F; Nagler, PL; Briggs, M; Radtke, D; Rodriquez, H; Garcia, J; Valdes, C; Huete, A; Glenn, EP
2023-05-04The Marri Gudjaga project: a study protocol for a randomised control trial using Aboriginal peer support workers to promote breastfeeding of Aboriginal babies.Thorne, R; Ivers, R; Dickson, M; Charlton, K; Pulver, LJ; Catling, C; Dibley, M; Eckermann, S; Meedya, S; Buck, M; Kelly, P; Best, E; Briggs, M; Taniane, J
2020-01-17Why Aboriginal women want to avoid the biomedical system: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's storiesHartz, D; Briggs, M; Cutmore, SA; Delaney-Thiele, D; Buzzacott, C