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2018-04-01A55 Foot-and-mouth disease virus undergoes abundant viral genomic changes at distinct stages of infection of cattleFish, I; Stenfeldt, C; Pauszek, SJ; Brito, BP; Hartwig, EJ; Smoliga, G; Rodriguez, LL; Arzt, J
2018-06-01Dynamics of widespread foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes A, O and Asia-1 in southern Asia: A Bayesian phylogenetic perspectiveBrito, BP; Mohapatra, JK; Subramaniam, S; Pattnaik, B; Rodriguez, LL; Moore, BR; Perez, AM
2023Evaluation of recombination detection methods for viral sequencing.Jaya, FR; Brito, BP; Darling, AE
2023-07-25Expanding the range of the respiratory infectome in Australian feedlot cattle with and without respiratory disease using metatranscriptomics.Brito, BP; Frost, MJ; Anantanawat, K; Jaya, F; Batterham, T; Djordjevic, SP; Chang, W-S; Holmes, EC; Darling, AE; Kirkland, PD
2018-07-20Foot-and-mouth disease infection dynamics in contact-exposed pigs are determined by the estimated exposure doseMoreno-Torres, KI; Brito, BP; Branan, MA; Rodriguez, LL; Delgado, AH; Stenfeldt, C; Arzt, J
2022-09-26Genomic Analysis of Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Strains Recovered from Chilean Hospitals Reveals Lineages Specific to South America and Multiple Routes for Acquisition of Antibiotic Resistance Genes.Brito, BP; Koong, J; Wozniak, A; Opazo-Capurro, A; To, J; Garcia, P; Hamidian, M
2019-01-01H7N6 low pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in commercial turkey farms in Chile caused by a native South American LineageMathieu, C; Gonzalez, A; Garcia, A; Johow, M; Badia, C; Jara, C; Nuñez, P; Neira, V; Montiel, NA; Killian, ML; Brito, BP
2018-07-27Lack of Transmission of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus From Persistently Infected Cattle to Naive Cattle Under Field Conditions in VietnamBertram, MR; Vu, LT; Pauszek, SJ; Brito, BP; Hartwig, EJ; Smoliga, GR; Hoang, BH; Phuong, NT; Stenfeldt, C; Fish, IH; Hung, VV; Delgado, A; VanderWaal, K; Rodriguez, LL; Long, NT; Dung, DH; Arzt, J
2018-11-01Phylodynamics of parapoxvirus genus in Mexico (2007–2011)Velazquez-Salinas, L; Ramirez-Medina, E; Bracht, AJ; Hole, K; Brito, BP; Gladue, DP; Carrillo, C
2017-04-01Review of the Global Distribution of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus from 2007 to 2014Brito, BP; Rodriguez, LL; Hammond, JM; Pinto, J; Perez, AM
2016Transmission of Foot-and-Mouth Disease SAT2 Viruses at the Wildlife-Livestock Interface of Two Major Transfrontier Conservation Areas in Southern Africa.Brito, BP; Jori, F; Dwarka, R; Maree, FF; Heath, L; Perez, AM
2016Transmission of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus during the Incubation Period in Pigs.Stenfeldt, C; Pacheco, JM; Brito, BP; Moreno-Torres, KI; Branan, MA; Delgado, AH; Rodriguez, LL; Arzt, J