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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-03An exploration of the support provided by prison staff, education, health and social care professionals, and prisoners for prisoners with dementiaBrooke, J; Jackson, D
2018-01-01Care needs of people with dementia in the peri-operative environment: A systematic reviewDiaz-Gil, A; Brooke, J; Kozlowska, O; Pendlebury, S; Jackson, D
2020-11Embedding skin tone diversity into undergraduate nurse education: Through the lens of pressure injury.Oozageer Gunowa, N; Brooke, J; Hutchinson, M; Jackson, D
2021-06Evidencing diversity: development of a structured tool for investigating teaching of pressure injury on people with darker skin tones.Oozageer Gunowa, N; Hutchinson, M; Brooke, J; Aveyard, H; Jackson, D
2018-01-01The impact of dementia in the prison setting: A systematic reviewBrooke, J; Diaz-Gil, A; Jackson, D
2018-04-01An integrative review exploring the perceptions of patients and healthcare professionals towards patient involvement in promoting hand hygiene compliance in the hospital settingAlzyood, M; Jackson, D; Brooke, J; Aveyard, H
2019-04-01Medical device-related pressure ulcers: A systematic review and meta-analysisJackson, D; Sarki, AM; Betteridge, R; Brooke, J
2021-11Pressure injuries and skin tone diversity in undergraduate nurse education: Qualitative perspectives from a mixed methods study.Oozageer Gunowa, N; Hutchinson, M; Brooke, J; Aveyard, H; Jackson, D
2018-09-01Pressure injuries in people with darker skin tones: A literature reviewOozageer Gunowa, N; Hutchinson, M; Brooke, J; Jackson, D
2020-02-06Use of focus group data from countries with linguistic differences: translation, analysis and presentation.Alzyood, M; Jackson, D; Aveyard, H; Brooke, J
2019-05-01What is the Impact of Volunteers Providing Care and Support for People with Dementia in Acute Hospitals? A Systematic ReviewHall, CL; Brooke, J; Pendlebury, ST; Jackson, D