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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-01A honey-bee-mating based algorithm for multilevel image segmentation using Bayesian theoremJiang, Y; Tsai, P; Yeh, WC; Cao, L
2022-01-01A New Age of AI: Features and FuturesCao, L
2022-07-01A Probabilistic Code Balance Constraint with Compactness and Informativeness Enhancement for Deep Supervised HashingZhang, Q; Hu, L; Cao, L; Shi, C; Wang, S; Liu, DD
2022-01-01A survey on deep learning for textual emotion analysis in social networksPeng, S; Cao, L; Zhou, Y; Ouyang, Z; Yang, A; Li, X; Jia, W; Yu, S
2022-07-01A Survey on Session-based Recommender SystemsWang, S; Cao, L; Wang, Y; Sheng, QZ; Orgun, MA; Lian, D
2019-02-13A Survey on Session-based Recommender SystemsWang, S; Cao, L; Wang, Y; Sheng, QZ; Orgun, M; Lian, D
2015-06-01Actionable combined high utility itemset miningShao, J; Yin, J; Liu, W; Cao, L
2009-01Actionable Knowledge DiscoveryCao, L; Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
2012-12-01Actionable knowledge discovery and deliveryCao, L
2006-01-01Activity mining: Challenges and prospectsCao, L
2008-06-01Activity mining: From activities to actionsCao, L; Zhao, Y; Zhang, C; Zhang, H
2009-01Adaptive Anomaly Detection of Coupled Activity SequencesOu, Y; Cao, L; Zhang, C
2013Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 17th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2013, Gold Coast, Australia, April 14-17, 2013, Proceedings, Part IIXu, G; Pei, J; Tseng, VS; Cao, L; Motoda, H; Xu, G
2008-07-21Agent collaboration for multiple trading strategy integrationCao, L; Luo, D; Xiao, Y; Zheng, Z
2009-01-01Agent mining: The synergy of agents and data miningCao, L; Gorodetsky, V; Mitkas, PA
2004-12-01Agent services-based infrastructure for online assessment of trading strategiesCao, L; Wang, J; Li, L; Zhang, C
2004-12-01Agent services-driven plug-and-play in F-TRADECao, L; Ni, J; Wang, J; Zhang, C
2006-01-01Agent services-oriented architectural design of a framework for artificial stock marketsNi, J; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Li, Y; Looi, M; Zhong, N
2005-12-01Agent services-oriented architectural design of open complex agent systemsCao, L; Zhang, C; Ni, J
2013-09-30Agent-based self-adaptable context-aware network vulnerability assessmentJiang, F; Dong, D; Cao, L; Frater, MR