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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11-21A Complex Belief Jensen-Shannon Divergence in Complex Evidence Theory for Decision-MakingGao, L; Yin, M; Xiao, F; Cao, Z
2022-01-01A Complex Weighted Discounting Multisource Information Fusion With Its Application in Pattern ClassificationXiao, F; Cao, Z; Lin, CT
2020-11-01A Fuzzy Interval Time-Series Energy and Financial Forecasting Model Using Network-Based Multiple Time-Frequency Spaces and the Induced-Ordered Weighted Averaging Aggregation OperationLiu, G; Xiao, F; Lin, CT; Cao, Z
2021-09-01A fuzzy preference-based Dempster-Shafer evidence theory for decision fusionZhu, C; Qin, B; Xiao, F; Cao, Z; Pandey, HM
2020-07-01A generalized belief interval-valued soft set with applications in decision makingCheng, C; Cao, Z; Xiao, F
2021-01-01A Generalized Deep Neural Network Approach for Digital Watermarking AnalysisDing, W; Ming, Y; Cao, Z; Lin, CT
2020A Generalized Golden Rule Representative Value for Multiple-Criteria Decision AnalysisLiu, Z; Xiao, F; Lin, C-T; Kang, BH; Cao, Z
2022-08-01A generalized Rényi divergence for multi-source information fusion with its application in EEG data analysisZhu, C; Xiao, F; Cao, Z
2021-12A Long Short-Term Memory Network for Sparse Spatiotemporal EEG Source Imaging.Bore, JC; Li, P; Jiang, L; Ayedh, WMA; Chen, C; Harmah, DJ; Yao, D; Cao, Z; Xu, P
2020-02-01A multi-objective adaptive evolutionary algorithm to extract communities in networksLi, Q; Cao, Z; Ding, W; Li, Q
2021-01-01A Novel Conflict Measurement in Decision-Making and Its Application in Fault DiagnosisXiao, F; Cao, Z; Jolfaei, A
2021-01-01A Novel Mountain Driving Unity Simulated Environment for Autonomous VehiclesLi, X; Cao, Z; Bai, Q
2021-12A Reinforcement Learning-Based Vehicle Platoon Control Strategy for Reducing Energy Consumption in Traffic Oscillations.Li, M; Cao, Z; Li, Z
2024-02-01A Robust Evidential Multisource Data Fusion Approach Based on Cooperative Game Theory and Its Application in EEGLiu, Z; Xiao, F; Lin, CT; Cao, Z
2020-05-01A Semantic Collaboration Method Based on Uniform Knowledge GraphLi, Q; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Pandey, HM; Wang, C
2020-11-04Adaptive Subspace Sampling for Class Imbalance Processing-Some clarifications, algorithm, and further investigation including applications to Brain Computer InterfaceLin, CT; Huang, KC; Pal, NR; Cao, Z; Liu, YT; Fang, CN; Hsieh, TY; Lin, YY; Wu, SL
2016-06-05Adsorption behavior and mechanism of chloramphenicols, sulfonamides, and non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals on multi-walled carbon nanotubes.Zhao, H; Liu, X; Cao, Z; Zhan, Y; Shi, X; Yang, Y; Zhou, J; Xu, J
2021An EEG Majority Vote Based BCI Classification System for Discrimination of Hand Motor Attempts in Stroke PatientsGu, X; Cao, Z
2020-07-01An Effective Reliability Evaluation Method for Power Communication Network Based on Community StructureLi, Q; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Pandey, HM; Wang, C
2020-01-01An Evoked Potential-Guided Deep Learning Brain Representation for Visual ClassificationZheng, X; Cao, Z; Bai, Q