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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09A fast score test for generalized mixture models.Duan, R; Ning, Y; Wang, S; Lindsay, BG; Carroll, RJ; Chen, Y
2023A narrative review of nutrient based indexes to assess diet quality and the proposed total nutrient index that reflects total dietary exposures.Cowan, AE; Jun, S; Tooze, JA; Dodd, KW; Gahche, JJ; Eicher-Miller, HA; Guenther, PM; Dwyer, JT; Potischman, N; Bhadra, A; Carroll, RJ; Bailey, RL
2023-07-16A robust approach for electronic health record-based case-control studies with contaminated case pools.Dai, G; Ma, Y; Hasler, J; Chen, J; Carroll, RJ
2022A semiparametric risk score for physical activity.Cui, E; Thompson, EC; Carroll, RJ; Ruppert, D
2018-01-02Additive Function-on-Function RegressionKim, JS; Staicu, AM; Maity, A; Carroll, RJ; Ruppert, D
2014-06-01Analysis of energy expenditure in diet-induced obese ratsAssaad, H; Yao, K; Tekwe, CD; Feng, S; Bazer, FW; Zhou, L; Carroll, RJ; Meininger, CJ; Wu, G
2019-06-01Analysis of repeated measures data in nutrition researchLee, U; Garcia, TP; Carroll, RJ; Gilbreath, KR; Wu, G
2015-10-01Application of a new statistical model for measurement error to the evaluation of dietary self-report instrumentsFreedman, LS; Midthune, D; Carroll, RJ; Commins, JM; Arab, L; Baer, DJ; Moler, JE; Moshfegh, AJ; Neuhouser, ML; Prentice, RL; Rhodes, D; Spiegelman, D; Subar, AF; Tinker, LF; Willett, W; Kipnis, V
2012-08-01Application of survival analysis methodology to the quantitative analysis of LC-MS proteomics dataTekwe, CD; Carroll, RJ; Dabney, AR
2021-05-24Bayesian adjustment for measurement error in an offset variable in a Poisson regression modelZhang, K; Liu, J; Liu, Y; Zhang, P; Carroll, RJ
2021-01-01Bayesian Copula Density Deconvolution for Zero-Inflated Data in Nutritional EpidemiologySarkar, A; Pati, D; Mallick, BK; Carroll, RJ
2013-01-01Bayesian methods for expression-based integration of various types of genomics data Computational methods for biomarker discovery and systems biology researchJennings, EM; Morris, JS; Carroll, RJ; Manyam, GC; Baladandayuthapani, V
2015-01-01Bayesian models for flexible integrative analysis of multi-platform genomics dataMcGuffey, EJ; Morris, JS; Manyam, GC; Carroll, RJ; Baladandayuthapani, V
2016-01-01Bayesian regression analysis of data with random effects covariates from nonlinear longitudinal measurementsDe la Cruz, R; Meza, C; Arribas-Gil, A; Carroll, RJ
2014-01-01Bayesian Semiparametric Density Deconvolution in the Presence of Conditionally Heteroscedastic Measurement ErrorsSarkar, A; Mallick, BK; Staudenmayer, J; Pati, D; Carroll, RJ
2018-01-02Bayesian Semiparametric Multivariate Density DeconvolutionSarkar, A; Pati, D; Chakraborty, A; Mallick, BK; Carroll, RJ
2014-01-01Bayesian semiparametric regression in the presence of conditionally heteroscedastic measurement and regression errorsSarkar, A; Mallick, BK; Carroll, RJ
2019-02-01Best Practices for Dietary Supplement Assessment and Estimation of Total Usual Nutrient Intakes in Population-Level Research and MonitoringBailey, RL; Dodd, KW; Gahche, JJ; Dwyer, JT; Cowan, AE; Jun, S; Eicher-Miller, HA; Guenther, PM; Bhadra, A; Thomas, PR; Potischman, N; Carroll, RJ; Tooze, JA
2016-03-01A bivariate measurement error model for semicontinuous and continuous variables: Application to nutritional epidemiologyKipnis, V; Freedman, LS; Carroll, RJ; Midthune, D
2014-03-04Blurring the boundaries: Decays of multiparticle isomers at the proton drip lineCarroll, RJ; Page, RD; Joss, DT; Uusitalo, J; Darby, IG; Andgren, K; Cederwall, B; Eeckhaudt, S; Grahn, T; Gray-Jones, C; Greenlees, PT; Hadinia, B; Jones, PM; Julin, R; Juutinen, S; Leino, M; Leppänen, AP; Nyman, M; O'Donnell, D; Pakarinen, J; Rahkila, P; Sandzelius, M; Sarén, J; Scholey, C; Seweryniak, D; Simpson, J