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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01An AFIS candidate list centric fingerprint likelihood ratio model based on morphometric and spatial analyses (MSA)Abraham, J; Kwan, P; Champod, C; Lennard, CJ; Roux, CP; Yang, J; Xie, SJ
2013-01-10Cadmium-free quantum dots in aqueous solution: Potential for fingermark detection, synthesis and an application to the detection of fingermarks in blood on non-porous surfacesMoret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
2016-02-01Functionalised silicon oxide nanoparticles for fingermark detectionMoret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
2011-01-01Initial Results on the Composition of Fingerprints and its Evolution as a Function of Time by GC/MS AnalysisWeyermann, C; Roux, C; Champod, C
2017-12-01Interpretation of fibre evidenceGrieve, M; Roux, C; Wiggins, KG; Champod, C; Taroni, F
2013-10-01Modern statistical models for forensic fingerprint examinations: A critical reviewAbraham, J; Champod, C; Lennard, C; Roux, C
2014-10-24Nanoparticles for fingermark detection: An insight into the reaction mechanismMoret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
2018-07-01A response to “Likelihood ratio as weight of evidence: A closer look” by Lund and IyerGittelson, S; Berger, CEH; Jackson, G; Evett, IW; Champod, C; Robertson, B; Curran, JM; Taylor, D; Weir, BS; Coble, MD; Buckleton, JS
2013-07-01Spatial analysis of corresponding fingerprint features from match and close non-match populationsAbraham, J; Champod, C; Lennard, C; Roux, C
2011-06-01Use of stains to detect fingermarksBecue, A; Moret, S; Champod, C; Margot, P