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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-21A bottom-up understanding of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in Lake VictoriaLuomba, J; Chuenpagdee, R; Song, AM
2019Broadening the knowledge base of small-scale fisheries through a food systems framework: A case study of the Lake Superior regionLowitt, K; Levkoe, C; Song, A; Gordon, H; Connie, N; Chuenpagdee, R; Jentoft, S
2018-06-01Intersectorality in the governance of inland fisheriesSong, AM; Bower, SD; Onyango, P; Cooke, SJ; Akintola, SL; Baer, J; Gurung, TB; Hettiarachchi, M; Islam, MM; Mhlanga, W; Nunan, F; Salmi, P; Singh, V; Tezzo, X; Funge-Smith, SJ; Nayak, PK; Chuenpagdee, R
2017Policy Coherence with the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Analysing Across Scales of Governance in Pacific Small-Scale FisheriesCohen, P; Song, A; Morrison, T; Jentoft, S; Chuenpagdee, R; Barragán-Paladines, MJ; Franz, N
2023Towards vibrant fish populations and sustainable fisheries that benefit all: learning from the last 30 years to inform the next 30 years.Cooke, SJ; Fulton, EA; Sauer, WHH; Lynch, AJ; Link, JS; Koning, AA; Jena, J; Silva, LGM; King, AJ; Kelly, R; Osborne, M; Nakamura, J; Preece, AL; Hagiwara, A; Forsberg, K; Kellner, JB; Coscia, I; Helyar, S; Barange, M; Nyboer, E; Williams, MJ; Chuenpagdee, R; Begg, GA; Gillanders, BM
2017-02-01Transboundary research in fisheriesSong, AM; Scholtens, J; Stephen, J; Bavinck, M; Chuenpagdee, R
2021-01-01Unlocking legal and policy frameworks for small-scale fisheries in AustraliaSbrocchi, C; Garcia Garcia, S; Barclay, K; Brooks, K; Kerezi, V; Nakamura, J; El Halimi, M; Chuenpagdee, R
2019Using transdisciplinary research solutions to support governance in inland fisheriesBower, S; Song, A; Onyango, P; Cooke, S; Kolding, J; Chuenpagdee, R; Jentoft, S