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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01-01Critical care nursing practice regarding patient anxiety assement and managementMoser, DK; Chung, ML; McKinley, S; Riegel, B; An, K; Cherrington, CC; Blakely, W; Biddle, M; Frazier, SK; Garvin, BJ
2020Factors Influencing Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Health Perception Among Kentuckians Living in Appalachia.Abraham, CM; Kelly, S; Wantland, D; Chung, ML; Mudd-Martin, G; Biddle, MJ; Moser, DK
2004-07-01A five-country comparison of anxiety early after acute myocardial infarctionDe Jong, MJ; Chung, ML; Roser, LP; Jensen, LA; Kelso, LA; Dracup, K; McKinley, S; Yamasaki, K; Kim, CJ; Riegel, B; Ball, C; Doering, LV; An, K; Barnett, M; Moser, DK
2005-01-01Gender differences in reasons patients delay in seeking treatment for acute myocardial infarction symptomsMoser, DK; McKinley, S; Dracup, K; Chung, ML
2019-05-01Influence of depression and gender on symptom burden among patients with advanced heart failure: Insight from the pain assessment, incidence and nature in heart failure studyHaedtke, CA; Moser, DK; Pressler, SJ; Chung, ML; Wingate, S; Goodlin, SJ
2020-03Insight Into Differences in Dietary Sodium Adherence Between Men and Women With Heart Failure.Lennie, TA; Moser, DK; Chung, ML
2019-07-01Missed opportunities! End of life decision making and discussions in implantable cardioverter defibrillator recipientsMiller, JL; Chung, ML; Etaee, F; Hammash, M; Thylén, I; Biddle, MJ; Elayi, SC; Czarapata, MM; McEvedy, S; Cameron, J; Haedtke, CA; Ski, CF; Thompson, DR; Moser, DK
2021-01-01Perceived Control Prevents Perception of Negative Changes in Life as a Result of Caring for a Patient With Heart Failure.Chung, ML; Liljeroos, M; Moser, DK; Lennie, TA
2019-01-01The relationship between psychological states and health perception in individuals at risk for cardiovascular diseaseLee, KS; Feltner, FJ; Bailey, AL; Lennie, TA; Chung, ML; Smalls, BL; Schuman, DL; Moser, DK