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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01-01Acclimation of thermal tolerance in juvenile plants from three biomes is suppressed when extremes co-occurHarris, RJ; Alvarez, PR; Bryant, C; Briceno, VF; Cook, AM; Leigh, A; Nicotra, AB; Tomlinson, S
2024-03Beyond a single temperature threshold: Applying a cumulative thermal stress framework to plant heat toleranceCook, AM; Rezende, EL; Petrou, K; Leigh, A
2023-10-03Drivers of thermal tolerance breadth of plants across contrasting biomes: do mean or seasonality in climate indices matter more?Briceno, VF; Cook, AM; Courtney Jones, SK; Arnold, PA; Gallagher, RV; French, K; Bravo, LA; Nicotra, AB; Leigh, A
-Environmental and Biogeographic Drivers behind Alpine Plant Thermal Tolerance and Genetic VariationDanzey, LM; Briceño, VF; Cook, AM; Nicotra, AB; Peyre, G; Rossetto, M; Yap, J-YS; Leigh, A
2018-02-01Shoot growth of woody trees and shrubs is predicted by maximum plant height and associated traitsGleason, SM; Stephens, AEA; Tozer, WC; Blackman, CJ; Butler, DW; Chang, Y; Cook, AM; Cooke, J; Laws, CA; Rosell, JA; Stuart, SA; Westoby, M
2020-10-30The thermal tolerance of photosynthetic tissues: a global systematic review and agenda for future research.Geange, SR; Arnold, PA; Catling, AA; Coast, O; Cook, AM; Gowland, KM; Leigh, A; Notarnicola, RF; Posch, BC; Venn, SE; Zhu, L; Nicotra, AB
-Water availability influences thermal safety margins for leavesCook, AM; Berry, N; Milner, KV; Leigh, A
2016-01Weak coordination among petiole, leaf, vein, and gas-exchange traits across Australian angiosperm species and its possible implications.Gleason, SM; Blackman, CJ; Chang, Y; Cook, AM; Laws, CA; Westoby, M